All About The Canadian Citizenship Application

Irrespective of what reason you are visiting Canada, many people think of becoming a permanent citizen in Canada or becoming a Canadian citizen with time. However, is gaining citizenship in Canada easy? Let’s have a look.

Canadian Citizenship Requirements

To Gain citizenship in Canada, the applicant should

  • Have stayed in Canada for at least 3 out of 5 years. That makes it 1095 days.
  • Be a permanent resident
  • Show your language skills in French/ English
  • To pass the citizenship test, you need to have a file of your taxes

Besides this, citizens are restrained from applying for Canadian citizenship. Holding such issues can affect your eligibility.

  • You hold outstanding teens and conditions on your Permanent resident status
  • You have an order from Canadian officials to leave Canada
  • Due to misinterpretation
  • The citizenship had been revoked
  • You hole criminal records inside or outside Canada

Permanent Resident Status (PR Card)

Irrespective of age, if you are thinking of citizenship application in Canada, you should hold a PR Card in Canada. This denotes, you should not,

  • Be under any review for fraud or immigration purposes
  • Ask the Canadian officials for leaving order removal
  • Hold any unfulfilled conditions linked with your PR status like medical screening

Benefits Of Becoming A Canadian Citizen

For all those who are about to go to Canada, you can enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • No requirements to renew your status
  • Eligibility for more jobs
  • Vote and/or run for political office
  • Don’t need to worry about status losing
  • Can travel on a Canadian passport

Dual Citizenship Allowance In Canada

Holding dual citizenship denotes that more than one country recognizes you as its citizen. On a good note, Canadians can take foreign citizenship easily while keeping their Canadian citizenship.

Do You Need To Apply for PR in Canada Before Citizenship?

The short answer is yes. Except for, in rare cases. You should be physically present in the country as a permanent resident for 1095 days within 5 years before you opt for citizenship application in Canada.

Canadian Citizenship Failed? Now What?

Typically, those citizens who fail the Canadian citizenship test in the first attempt will be rescheduled. They will be taking a retest on the multiple-choice written exam. In case the candidate fails again, the applicant should conduct a 15-20 minute interview with a citizenship judge.

The judge asks the applicant 20 questions that can either be multiple-choice, true/false, or question and answer.


While Gaining Canadian citizenship looks easy, its reality is different. Although, the process turns out to be different for each individual based on their difficulty level. However, if you want your citizenship application in Canada to be risk-free and stress-free, connect with the professionals at Canadapt. They hold tremendous expertise to help you complete the legal processes easily.

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