Is it better to read an e-book than a book

Most adults prefer to read books, but how many of them? Do eBooks have a future, or do paper copies still have a leg up? To imply that a genuine reader prefers to read a book rather than an e-book is not speculative. However, one cannot deny that eBooks are constantly evolving, and since the advent of Kindle by Amazon, eBook sales have increased significantly.

Let’s compare and see how eBooks are doing compared to traditional print books. According to the Wall Street Journal, hard-copy book sales in the United States increased by 4.5% in 2016, while the sales of eBooks increased by 17%. Experts believe it will be a long-term trend in publishing, not a one-time occurrence.

E-book authors and the rise in popularity of e-books

The eBook sector is massive, and there is a vast gap and room for innovation and improvement, unlike the traditional book industry. It has been increasingly popular to hire an eBook ghostwriter for novels in the previous 8-10 years. When it comes to the distribution of eBooks, some new organizations have shown off various methods and ideas.

What’s more important, different priorities or the cover design itself?

On the other hand, the paper book sector has undergone some significant changes in the last few years, as the trend toward conventional books continues.

As soon as authors discovered the importance of a well-designed and visually appealing book cover, they started using it. There is no better person to have observed human psychology than author Martin Lake, who put this technique into action. He was selling only 15 volumes per month as a self-published author, and that’s pitiful. Is this familiar to you? That’s not to say that Martin sat back and did nothing when those sales started rolling in. He did not change the content for the first book in his three-part series, but he did change his book cover design, and his sales of all three books tripled! Isn’t it amazing that he was able to make all three of his books look just like the first one within just two months? Sales of his products increased by a factor of two this time around. Only the book cover design was changed, not the content or even the marketing strategy.


Very few people are voracious readers of eBooks, have an extensive library of the format, and like to spend their free time immersed in them. Still, plenty of people enjoy the printed word and keep an extensive collection of books in their homes. This is a clear indication of which format is now in the lead. Because of contemporary day developments and technological advancements, it’s impossible to predict what lies ahead for this industry in terms of its long-term viability. We don’t know what the future holds for readers because of the quick advancements in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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