Everything You Need to Know About Bulldozers

In the construction industry, bulldozers are the most commonly used heavy equipment. They are an essential part of different construction sectors such as mining, agriculture, and landscaping. The dozers are actually earthmoving heavy equipment, used to move loads of debris, sand, soil, and other heavy material on construction sites.

Dozers are of many kinds yet the purpose is quite similar with little modification. They can be equipped with different attachments such as a ripper. Different attachments can be used according to the nature of the job. The bulldozer generally runs on heavy tracks. 

Primarily, the dozers were used in the agriculture industry in cultivation. But after a few advancements in it, different other industries started taking advantage of it. Today, almost every industry is using bulldozers for their purpose.

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Types of Bulldozers

Used heavy equipment dealers are always equipped with many used bulldozers for sale. The increase in construction projects has also increased the equipment demand. Manufacturers are continuously launching the newest models with the latest technologies installed in them. Some most common and main types of bulldozers are Crawler, Wheel, and Mini bulldozers.

  1. Crawler Bulldozer

They are also known as track bulldozers. A crawler is attached with a heavy plate to lift the heavy stuff. They work best in making the uneven surface more even and carrying the heaviest objects. A ripper can also be used as an attachment in a crawler bulldozer to crush and clean the compressed ground.

  1. Wheel Bulldozer

Wheel bulldozers are ideal for the soft land due to the wheels instead of crawler as it will cause less damage to the soil. They are larger in size and can easily be controlled. It can be used for leveling uneven land and transporting heavy material.

  1. Mini Bulldozer

They are compact dozers and are used for many purposes such as residential and other projects. The size of the mini dozer is quite small as compared to the other two. Due to their small size, they can move really fast and easily be controlled. It can move very flexibly despite the compact area and can work with maximum efficiency.

Bulldozers have a tractor-like body and can be equipped with different kinds of blades. 

  • Angle Blade provides angled movement and has a two-way blade around.
  • Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) blade has multidirectional blades and can easily be controlled.
  • S blade is without side wings and has short blades.
  • U blade has larger wings on sides and has universal blades of curved shape.
  • S-U blade has side wings in a narrow shape and is slightly curved. They have semi-universal blades.

Pick the right Dozer

When you are assigned a construction project, you should choose the right kind of bulldozer for the conferring to the nature of the job. You have to deeply assess the type of project, land, and the kind of materials that have to be moved.

If you are still not sure about choosing the right equipment, you can contact experts and take the guideline. 


Bulldozers are the most used heavy equipment in the construction industry. They are powerful equipment used in moving and pushing heavy objects. Initially, bulldozers were used for agricultural purposes but later they became a necessity for almost every sector. After the increased investment in construction projects, the equipment demand has also increased. Used heavy equipment dealers are also dealing with different kinds of used bulldozers for sale. Manufacturers are making and launching the newest models of bulldozers with the latest technologies. Contractors should choose the right kind of dozer depending on the type of project and the nature of land.

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