Why Suzuki should build a sports car.

Why Suzuki should build a sports car.

Suzuki is the latest brand to create a virtual sports car for Sony’s Gran Turismo PC game, but here’s why the company needs to create one for real.

The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is a sleek yet compact two-seater open-top sports car powered by a (theoretically) combination of a Hayabusa motorcycle engine and three electric motors producing 318kW and 610Nm. Although the brand’s lineup is admittedly dominated by subcompacts and SUVs, there is a clear family resemblance between the Vision Gran Turismo and its real-life siblings.

So why should Suzuki make a sports car? Simply put, a car like the Vision Gran Turismo would fill a niche in the affordable sports car market.

Toyota and Subaru revived the $30,000 two-door sports car segment a decade ago with the 86/BRZ duo. However, it has become more expensive as the second generation model has been introduced, with the new BRZ starting at $38,990 and the 86 starting at $32,180, the new model is likely to go up $38,990.

The simpler Suzuki sports car can rank below these two as a true entry-level sports car for enthusiasts.

The best part is that the virtual concept is not too far from what the production version should be. Combining a powerful Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine in a small and lightweight body would be a winning combination.

Adding a sports car would apparently be a departure for Suzuki, but the brand has a history with sports cars, most famously the Cappuccino of the 1990s. has made the Jimny. The diminutive off-roader is a cult favorite and, done right, a new Suzuki sports car could repeat that success.

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