What You Need To Know About The Technology Behind Wax Pen Batteries

Dabbing can be time- and labor-intensive. It’s also not a very portable alternative; most dab rigs require a specific spot in a home, though some can fit in a backpack, and it may appear frightening or threatening to someone unfamiliar, especially if using a torch.

Parents and teenagers are probably not unfamiliar with dab pens. These tiny, fashionable pens are gaining popularity around the country due to how easy and practical they are. But are those who use them unaware of any dangers that dab pens can present?

1.   Why do people need a dab pen?

As said previously, wax/dabs pens are most commonly smoked because of their practicality and fashionable design. But there are still many reasons why dab pens are preferred over regular marijuana.

2.   We have GOOD NEWS for you!

The first cannabis dosing gadget that enables you to tailor your dose down to the milligram is being introduced by Vapor Dosing Technologies. The Mode device employs universal 510 cartridges with haptic feedback to indicate when to inhale and exhale. It was unveiled at CES 2021.

2.1. How does this technology work?

The Mode app features a dashboard with details on the items, previous dosages, recommendations, and other facts, as well as the ability to lock the device to prevent youngsters from using it.

2.2. Idea behind this technology

The Mode’s goal is to remove much of the uncertainty from vaping for those who are new to cannabis or who like precise doses.

3.       What to do if your vape gets fire?

You may have heard that e-cigarettes, often known as vapes, have the potential to catch fire or explode, badly injuring users. The individual using the vaping device and anyone nearby is in danger when there is a vape fire or explosion, even if these occurrences seem to be rare.

Although the precise origins of vape fires or explosions are not yet known, some research points to battery-related problems as potential culprits. The following advice could save you from a fire or explosion caused by a vape battery.

1.       Be sure to read and comprehend the manufacturer’s instructions for proper equipment use and maintenance. Contact the manufacturer if your vape did not arrive with instructions or if you have any issues.

2.       Instead of charging your vaporizer on a couch or pillow where it could more easily overheat or turn on accidentally, choose a clean, flat surface that is far from anything that could easily catch fire.

3.       Avoid leaving your vaporizer in the sun or in the car on a hot summer day or a chilly winter night, and avoid charging it when it’s extremely cold or hot.

4.       Use just the batteries that your gadget specifies. Never combine batteries from various manufacturers, utilize batteries with various charge levels, or combine old and new ones.

5.       Avoid vaping near flammable liquids or gases, such as gasoline, propane, or oxygen.

6.       Always buy from reputable top brands like Yocan brand.

4.       Recap

Compared to conventional pen-style batteries, vapes have a few definite advantages. They frequently have longer battery lives, are more covert, and are smaller. Even more sophisticated LED and LCD technology is employed by some of them. We really hope that this article will help you and answer all the questions you are looking for. 

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