Humidor Solution

what is humidor solution?

If you love to smoke cigars, then you know exactly how sensitive they are to dry or too humid air, how well they absorb odors, and how easy it is to spoil even the most expensive cigars with improper storage.

What is a humidor?

A humidor is a special box, drawer, cabinet or even a cigar room. It observes the optimal humidity regime, ensures tightness and creates conditions for preserving the natural aroma of each cigar Lumbuy offer you different size humidors.

The small humidor looks like an ordinary wooden box without division into compartments from the inside. Larger models, for example, for 20-50 cigars, already have dividers. In such a box, you can store different types of cigars, including flavored and non-flavored – the separators will not allow smells to mix. 

Larger humidors look more like cabinets than boxes. It provides convenient access to a large number of cigars, and the design is made taking into account the fact that the humidor will be stationary. For a really large number of cigars, an entire room is equipped, there are no restrictions on the size or design of the room – as long as the necessary humidity, temperature and protection from external influences are provided.

What are containers made of?

If you show the device of a humidor using a box as an example, then it will be a small box made of wood, MFD, plastic or other material. If the box is made of solid wood, then Spanish cedar is usually used – it is considered the most suitable in terms of moisture retention. The cigar storage room is usually lined with cedar or cedar veneer.

A wood humidor is an expensive option, so cheaper options made from other materials do not lose popularity, but they must be covered with a layer of cedar veneer on the inside. In some cases, a special treatment with multiple layers of varnish is used. Any of the materials will provide the desired degree of moisture and tightness to the humidor, they differ in price and durability. 

Humidor liquid and hygrometer

To maintain a certain level of humidity, special humidifiers are used, and hygrometers are used to measure humidity. The humidor should be maintained at 65-75% humidity, ideally the temperature should be 18-21 degrees.


The simplest and most reliable moisturizer is a sponge soaked in water. In more complex designs, you will still need to pour water, but the design of the humidifier will provide more even humidification. Sometimes special moisturizing solutions or special additives are used.

Modern options may have a crystal humidifier or a dedicated electronic humidifier. These are more accurate options, but they require special care and are more expensive.

Humidor Liquids

The most common moisturizing liquid is water. Regular tap water is sometimes used, but it can contain mold spores and increase the risk of spoiling cigars. Boiling partially solves this problem, but boiled water can also contribute to the development of mold or fungi. It is best to use distilled water: it is sold in shops and pharmacies and will keep your cigars better. Lumbuy humidifiers are also filled with water, but propylene glycol solution is added. 

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