Wedding Photography Courses

Wedding photography is now a part of a couple’s big day. Soon-to-be-married couples are willing to spend a lot of money on a beautiful wedding album. But wedding photography is not a new trend, as the Victorians also enjoyed photographing their wedding day.

Wedding photography dates back to the 1840s.

 Photography was in its infancy because the type of photography had serious technical limitations. There were no external images that are popular today. No photos were taken of the church or reception. The happy couple had to stop by the photographer’s studio before or after the ceremony. They were dressed as best they could for the shoot, and there were no wedding dress photos. Also, the idea of ​​wedding photography during this period was to preserve the good elements.

Twenty years later, in the 1860s, couples began to be photographed in their wedding attire, meaning the bride would be pictured in her beautiful white wedding dress. During this time, some couples hire a photographer to come to the church to take official photos. But because cameras and photography equipment are bulky and not easily transported, most wedding photography remains in the photographer’s studio.

Color photography was around in the early 20th century,

For at least the next 50 years it was too expensive and unreliable to be used for anything other than wedding photography. The development of film rolls, better lighting and the introduction of flash photography changed the entire concept of wedding photography. Instead of the standard photo of the bride and groom, wedding service and reception photos have been enhanced. This meant that a traditional wedding photographer could not rely on couples arriving for wedding photos, and had to spend hours preparing for the wedding.

There was a lot of photographic equipment, and it was impossible to take an outdoor photo from the cafe. Even candid period photos are staged. However, in the 1970s we saw wedding photography as it is today, with pictures of the happy couple on their big day.

With the advancement of technology, the advent of digital cameras, wedding photography has evolved and couples can live the entire day with a DVD film of the ceremony.

In my opinion, the best way to learn wedding photography is through wedding photography courses.

Attending a wedding photography course will give you hands-on experience in the key aspects of wedding photography. 

You will learn the importance and role of preparation in allowing your wedding photography to take place. This includes technical aspects such as camera settings, aperture, shutter speed and flash and shooting in natural light or flash.

In a typical photography course, you will learn how to capture a bride arriving at the church, how to shoot the ceremony, and how to handle all the events of the wedding day. You will learn how to recruit formal and informal staff and teams.

There are so many photography courses out there that it’s important to check for certifications and references before taking any. Some courses focus only on photography, while others include Photoshop lessons when you take your wedding photos. This is a very important course that many photographers decide which course to take.

Wedding photography courses are often expensive and out of reach for most new photographers. 

One way to do this is to look for a video recording of an actual workshop.

Of course, there’s a downside to this, and that’s when you don’t have a professional wedding photographer to ask questions about. But this way of learning wedding photography has many advantages, one of which is that you can repeat the course as often as you like, because you cover the material you cover. Understand and appreciate them.

I highly recommend this method of study, but you should be prepared to contact the course provider and answer any questions after viewing the course.

Many photographers have asked me if taking a wedding photography course or video course would help them start a wedding photography business. The answer to this question is no. It’s really good to take a photography course or watch it.

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