Web App Development: Top 6 Platforms You Should Get a Hold Of

Considering the cutthroat competition in the business world, having just an online presence is not enough. To beat your competitors and satisfy your customer needs, it becomes important to walk parallelly along with the latest trends in web app development.

However, web development technologies are taking a rapid shift every day. There are numerous tools and platforms available in the market to build a robust web app. But if you are not aware of them, you can lag in the race. Therefore, it becomes crucial to consult a web applications development company and know about the best web app development platform as per your business needs.

This article will discuss some of the best app development frameworks that will help you create a top-class application in less time and money. So, let’s get started.

Six Best Web App Development Platforms You Should Know About

There is no doubt that choosing a suitable web app development framework to enhance your online presence is a cumbersome task. But do not worry, here we have made things simple for you. In the following section, you will encounter the six top-class web app development platforms that can change the face of your online presence if used and implemented correctly. Here they are:


If you even have a little knowledge about web app development, you might be familiar with AngularJS. Developed by Google, it is an open-source JavaScript framework that can easily and quickly design Single-Page Applications (SPAs) in no time. It is a frontend services platform that mainly deals with web pages.

Many popular tech giants, such as Google, Netflix, PayPal, Microsoft, etc., are already using AngularJS for web development processes. Apart from this, it is a perfect platform for developing travel apps, weather forecast apps, video streaming apps, e-commerce apps, user-review apps, etc.


Based on PHP, Symfony is an app development platform mainly used for large-scale complex enterprise-level web app projects. It is quite a stable framework, and its latest version (Symfony 5.2.7) is well-suited for designing scalable web apps that are flexible to changing business needs.

One of the best things about Symfony is that you can use it with some of the popular open-source platforms like Drupal and Piwik. Some of the critical features of Symfony are:

  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced security
  • Stable and sustainable
  • Flexible and user-friendly
  • Reliable and secure
  • Laravel

Whenever it comes to the best web app development framework, Laravel will always stay in the top-most slots. Since its evolution in 2011, it has been the foremost choice of app development companies.

Some of the most remarkable features of Laravel include a modular packaging system, dependency manager, utilities and tools that help in application integration, maintenance, deployment, and much more. Apart from these, Laravel also comes with multiple pre-installed libraries that assist the developers in creating powerful and high-quality applications and e-commerce websites. Some of the other highlights of this platform are:

  • Database migration and security
  • Enhanced performance
  • Strong community support
  • Multiple object-oriented libraries

Cake PHP

It is an open-source PHP web development platform based on the concepts of association data mapping and MVC (Model, View, and Controller) architecture. One of the key features of Cake PHP is that it comes with practical guides and detailed documentation that can help you in writing codes easily. Moreover, these codes and components are reusable, meaning you do not need to write the same code repeatedly. It saves much of the development time, and therefore, you can quickly get robust and best-quality web applications.


It is a Microsoft-built web app framework that is highly suitable for designing dynamic web applications, interactive websites, and rich web portals since its foundation in 2002. Since it is a .NET-based platform, it follows Common Language Runtime (CLR) that helps a web applications development company write ASP.NET code using any .NET supported language.

It is an open-source platform that holds around a 15% share in the market. Below are some of the critical specifications of the ASP.NET framework:

  • Cross-platform app development framework
  • It gets easy updates
  • Code compilation and consistency
  • Third-party libraries and tools integration

Tensor Flow

You might be aware that in the present scenario, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are booming on a large scale. From image and video editing apps to chatbots, AI has captured the overall market. In these situations, having an AI-based web app can be both helpful and productive for your business.

Therefore, if reading this para made you think about developing an AI-based app, you can pick TensorFlow, a leading open-source framework that enables you to develop AI apps. Along with the other standard features, with TensorFlow, you can build web apps incorporated with chatbots and provide user behavior analysis.

Final Thoughts

All the frameworks listed above are significant in some way or another. In fact, there are many different platforms too that might have features that will capture your eye. When finalizing your decision, make sure you look for your business needs along with the features that a framework provides. For the sake of convenience, it is better to hire a company that offers custom web design company. With their experience and your ideas, you can have a web app to enhance your online presence in the market.

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