Top 10 Safest International Travel Destinations in 2022

Top 10 Safest International Travel Destinations in 2022

Planning a trip around the world but not certain if you’re safe to travel to a different country today? A poll conducted in the current time* shows that 63 percent of Americans believe that travel-related risks have increased over the last year. Cheap flights are believed to put together an inventory of the most secure locations on the planet – including some troublesome regions to visit in 2022. It was specially selected to protect you!

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For a considerable period the isolation of Iceland’s region coupled with high airfares made it out of reach for most Americans. However in recent times, IcelandAir and the incredibly low-effort air carrier WOW Air have made Iceland an attractive alternative to the more conventional options. In addition, there’s many reasons to consider that Iceland is a great choice – the amazing geothermal wonders that are Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, the stunning views of the Aurora Borealis and the over 4500 square miles of icy area to explore, and the tongue-constricting Eyjafjallajokull cave of lava all accessible from the capital city Reykjavik.

What makes it on the list: Iceland is probably the most secure place on earth. It is essentially free of serious crimes and is the most effective treatment option in the world. It is essential to stay attentiveness when out in the wild – conditions can alter rapidly.


Chile is an amazing goal when your rundown extends to the utmost of the planet. Cape Horn is the southern reason for South America and is the farthest south you can get just a few miles from Antarctica! Talking about pail records is the most effective reason to reach Easter Island and those stunning statues is to fly into Chile. It is also possible to walk in the steps of Charles Darwin when you climb Cerro Santa Lucia in Santiago. To see stunning views that will be unforgettable, make sure to visit Atacama Desert. Atacama Desert, the driest non-polar area on earth.

Why it’s on the list It is because the Global Peace Index considers Chile as one of the most secure countries in South America, with unimportant theft of the most serious wrongdoing that you must guard yourself against.

Tasmania, Australia

The majority of Americans consider themselves ignorant of Tasmania but in the unlikely event that you’ve traveled to Australia you should not leave without visiting this island paradise. 3.4 million square kilometers of Tasmania (which is larger than Nova Scotia) is ensured unspoiled life and is comprised of streams, mountains, and rainforests. Qantas provides regular flight schedules towards Tazzie via Melbourne and Sydney in the present, so make sure to Tazzie. You can visit the British frontier city of Hobart and climb the beautiful Cradle Mountain, and Wineglass Bay, investigate the remains of the prison at Port Arthur (where they sent particularly shocking criminals from the surrounding terrain) as well as go to an Tasmanian criminal asylum!

The reason it is on the list: Tasmania has little wrongdoing whatsoever that is why it was included on the list. It is important to stay clear of the snakes that are venomous on Tasmania’s islands. Do not stress that, but there has been no evidence of human deaths caused by snakes.


This tiny country in the Middle East has the amazing natural beauty of deserts that are cleared and narrow shorelines with enormous caverns to explore. Scuba lovers will love the open-air swimming holes and everyone would love to be able to swim in the nearby “channel” tradition. Watercourses are typically dry valley that is filled with water during storms, and transforms into a pool that everyone can enjoy. The study of the design in Muscat is an endeavor in it, and the many souks offer ample shopping opportunities.

The reason it is on the list the rate of criminality in Oman is lower than the majority of areas in the west. It is extremely low in contrast to virtually any other place within any other part of the Middle East. The Omani people are affluent and friendly and this makes them very welcoming for visitors.


Tourists who Write For Us Travel to Norway want to see the fjords. In the event that we could pick one that isn’t to miss, it’s going to be Sognefjord the country’s largest (120 miles) and most awe-inspiring (in over 1 mile) the fjord in all. Apart from the astounding standard of excellence, Norway was named Happiest Nation in the World in 2017 (in regards to future GDP and social programs for the less fortunate). Skiing is available all through the year across Norway There are more than two of the world’s most innovative climbs that you can share (we enjoy Trolltunga which is “the tongue of the troll”). Similar to Iceland it is now have the ability to take insane low-cost flights. most enjoyable ski routes, try the shoulder seasons of Norway (from September through November).

Why it Makes the List: A very low wrongdoing rate and in general dependability/neighborliness of the natives put Norway on our radar.


If you’re the kind of person who loves to explore places aren’t visited by the majority of people it will be a challenge to find a place more remote than Greenland. It’s the same if exploring bizarre landscapes that aren’t your style. You’ll have to visit Ilulissat, the city. Ilulissat However, the true passion should be in simply taking pleasure in the incredible quality of the scenery.

What makes it on the list The reason is that there is nothing wrong in Greenland and, even in towns, it’s impossible to discover anything comparable to an enthralling neighborhood.


Morocco is set to see 18 million tourists each year by 2020, so you should make your plans today while it’s still an appropriately estimated place to visit. Marrakech has the highest number of tourists, but you must explore the Berber towns of The High Atlas and the blue-shaded town of Chefchaouen as a starting point to discover The Rif mountains. Fez is a must for its maze-like medina and you can end your trip with a camel ride in The Erg Chebbi desert. Morocco is a photo-taking destination and foodie’s dream – complete with the humiliation of a photograph and eating operations.

What makes it on the list: Africa is a generally unpredictably place to travel but Morocco is a safe place to begin your research of the continental. It’s not a problem if there’s no crime to be considered in the majority of tourist destinations but beyond that, you’ll find Morocco very safe and welcoming for travelers.


Our huge neighbor to the north is revealed as you start to explore. There’s no shortage of gorgeous urban spaces and stunning landscapes depending on your travel fashion. Montreal has the distinction of being the largest “European” cities in the country and Toronto is among the most diverse urban areas around the globe. The city is home to world-class winter sports available in the winter months, and world-class climbing in middle of the year. Canadians are welcoming and friendly to Americans. Just remember that you must have an international ID today.

What makes it on the list: Canada has an exceptionally low crime rate for a brutal crime but you need to be on guard for pickpockets in tourist areas.


Malaysia is among only few countries that are considered to be super different, meaning that it is home to 20 percent of the species that live in the world. Tigers, wild elephants and other orangutans continue to wander aimlessly but you’ll have to leave Kuala Lumpur to see this type of wild living. It’s a good thing that AsiaAir has made safe flights the norm across the southeast Asia and traveling to Borneo rainforests is a straightforward and safe leap.

The reason it is on the list: Malaysia is the 29th most tranquil country in the world as reflected in the latest edition of the Global Peace Index. There’s an amazing advice for single women travelling by themselves, as Malaysia is a particularly safe place for solo female explorers.

South Korea

Do not overlook South Korea for the more appealing ambitions that are the focus of Japan and China as a lot individuals do. South Korea is an astonishing destination in its own right and we love the country for many reasons. the innumerable castles that Seoul’s residents can wander through Namdaemun, Dongdaemun and Namdae and The Grand Park, and numerous events (our favorite one is called the Jinju Lantern Festival each October).

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