The Ultimate Guide to Recovering Synology NAS Password

Are you one of those users who forgot Synology NAS password and are not able to recover it? No problem. We can suggest you a way through which you can resolve it, that is, reset the administrator account password. In order to the reset the password, it is important that you learn how to reset the Synology NAS system. For that, you ought to continue reading without wasting any time.

How to Reset or Restore Synology NAS System?

First of all, find the button called reset on your Synology NAS system. In case you are not sure about where the button is located, it is recommended that you refer to the hardware installation guide of the device which you received with it.

Once done, use a paper clip and press the reset button for some time. Soon you will hear a beep. This is your sign that you need to release the button on the system without giving it a second thought.

In a matter of seconds, not just the Synology NAS system will get reset but also the password. Now, you ought to continue reading this article and find out what needs to be done next by you.

Enter find.synology in the address bar of the internet browser which you are using and then find the Synology NAS using the Web Assistance. You can also do the same using Synology Assistant. By the way, use an updated browser.

Double-click on the term Synology NAS. You will be asked to enter admin as the username and then, leave the password field blank. Click the Sign In button on the screen or press the Enter key located on your keyboard.

What Should Be Done Next?

Here are the steps that you need to go through in order to reset the Synology NAS system password for your administrator account.

For DSM 6.2.3:

  • The first thing that you need to do is, create a strong password.
  • Do Synology NAS login using the password you have created.
  • You also need to enter admin as the username.
  • Select Control Panel > User.
  • Double-click the account which you are keen on using.
  • Reset the password under the Info tab and hit the Enter key again.
  • Disable the admin account and then select Control Panel > User.
  • Click admin and check the disable this account checkbox.
  • Select the Ok option.

For DSM 6.2.4:

  • Reset the password for your account.
  • Once you have successfully done this, click the Submit button.

Note: In case there is just one administrative account, Synology NAS system will input admin in the username field on its own. In case there is more than one account, select the one you want from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Sign In Now button.
  • Sign in to the DSM using the password that has been freshly created.

In this manner, you will be able to reset the Synology NAS system as well as the administrative password. In case you were not able to, then read the information given in the following section to learn what can be done.

Why Can’t You Reset Synology NAS Password?

1.   Browser Saved Old Password

The primary reason why you cannot reset the Synology NAS password is because your internet browser has saved the old password. In this case, it is recommended that you use a different web browser. If you do not want to do so, then use the private window of your existing internet browser.

2.   Following Option Was Enabled

There is a very high chance that you left the admin password unchanged option ticked. Given this, you need to disable the option. Once done, try to reset or restore the Synology NAS system as well as the administrator password. The same can be done if you read the steps given above.

Sum Up

Here is to hope that you will be able to resolve the forgot Synology NAS password issue by resetting the Synology NAS system as well as password. If you did, then you should leave a couple of words of appreciation in the comment section. This is so that your fellow readers get a boost in confidence that if you can fix the issue in debate, so can they.

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