The Significance of the Baseball Pennant


Sports is something that is loved all over the world. The fans get so much enthusiastic for the sports. Thus enthusiasm of fans make the athletes moore competitive. Similarly in baseball, winning the  pennant is very much crucial. Because in Major League Baseball, a pennant usually designates the actual title or the specific flag flown by the National League or American League winning team in a given season. In simple words, the team that wins the leagues flies a flag known as a pennant. It is also said that a pennant in baseball is a baseball flag that is awarded annually to the league’s best team. The pennant is also another name for the league championship. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of pennant in baseball.

What is Pennant?

The term pennant is a combination of two terms that date back to the 17th century. The Pendant and the Pennon are the two words. Previously, a pendant was defined as a hoisting rope, while a pennon was defined as a warship’s flag. A pennon was traditionally raised by a warship that had won a key naval battle.  In basic terms, the winning side flies a flag known as a pennant. A pennant in baseball is also a baseball banner that is presented yearly to the league’s top club.

How to Win A Pennant?

To win the pennant, a club must proceed far into the playoffs. If a team does not win its division, they must first go to the wild-card round. If they win their division, they must advance to the divisional round.

The divisional round champions in each league will face off in the ALCS and NLCS, respectively. These are the American and National League Championship Series, respectively. These four clubs are competing for conference titles and the pennant. The two pennant winners team up for the World Series.

National Obsession Of Baseball and Its Pennant

Baseball, the oldest of the major team sports, has always had a particular place in the hearts and imaginations of American fans. Many believe it to be the “national game” or “national pastime” by many. Baseball, despite its seeming simplicity, has more rules than you can shake a stick at.  

Every professional baseball team uses pennants in baseball, which are small, tapering flags shaped like an elongated triangle. Fans in the stands proudly fly or wave them during home games. 

Significance of Baseball Pennants

Teams compete for league pennants in baseball during the regular season, which can only be flown at the home stadium of the team with the best record that year. These pennants are significant for multiple reasons. 

  1. Pennants represent the success. That is why they are the reason of happiness. They are trophies that represent a significant accomplishment of the whole baseball team. 
  2. The second benefit is that winning pennant in baseball can help the team generate additional revenue by selling replicas to fans. Because it opens further chances for the baseball players. It makes the whole team prominent for further possibilities of success. 
  3. If the team win the American League pennant, it has won the league. The MLB is divided into two leagues, with the ALCS and NLCS determining league winners. Consider these to be the semi-finals of the MLB playoffs. The two pennant winners will play in the World Series
  4. For all the baseball lovers in the whole world, the pennant is like the king’s crown. Because it symbolizes success. Teams play hard and try their best to achieve the pennant. It is all about the championship aspiration. Because this is fruitful for the world series. 
  5. In any sport, the happiness of the fans is a very important thing for an athlete. So when sportsmen think of the happiness of the athlete, they try harder to win the game. Fans are at their finest during pennant contests. Winning one is a source of pride and joy, especially when the competition is tough.


In conclusion, Pennant is a baseball banner that is awarded annually to the league’s best team. These pennants are important for a variety of reasons. The first is that they are awards that commemorate a noteworthy achievement. And the teams get confidence when they achieve this pennant in baseball. The second advantage is that they may assist the team in increasing income by selling replicas to supporters. An d it opens unlimited opportunities for the baseball team. The team has won the league if it wins the American League pennant. The Major League Baseball season is divided into two leagues, with the ALCS and NLCS deciding league winners. Consider these to be the MLB postseason semi-finals. The World Series will be played between the two pennant winners. So in this is all about the significance of baseball Pennants. Enjoy playing baseball and keep winning pennants.

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