The first footballer to play with glasses. What is Edgar Davids doing now?

A native of Suriname, he grew up in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Amsterdam – an immigrant ghetto. My father worked in the port, my mother worked as a cleaner, and Edgar himself played the ball in the surrounding squares. Davids still visits there from time to time to play with the local guys. Even in childhood, Edgar demanded respect for himself. You can bet live on any game or match on 22Bet website. Here is what Davids’ teacher Urma van der Lande recalls: “During one of the lessons, I twice asked him to come to my table. Davids refused twice, and then got up and left the classroom. Later I went to his house. “Why don’t you pay attention to what I tell you?” I asked. “People shout to me: “Come here!” They treat me like a dog. And I’m not a dog, I’m a man,” Edgar replied.

The Dutchman has great respect for street football. Apparently, the years spent on the “boxes” in childhood affect. Davids has his own trade brand, he is engaged in the production of equipment for street football. The company produces backpacks, soccer balls, clothes. In addition, Edgar takes part in the creation of academies, mainly in disadvantaged regions of the Netherlands. His company provides the boys with everything they need, creates conditions for playing football. For his own academy, Davids himself wrote training materials.

Judging by the athlete’s Instagram, he often takes part in football competitions (a sport that combines beach soccer and volleyball). A couple of weeks ago, Edgar, along with a teammate, took third place in a tournament in Dubai. You can see Davids on the golf course and on the tennis court. He continues to stay in shape by working out on the horizontal bar and doing cardio.

In August 2017, Davids won a lawsuit against Riot Games for using his image on one of the League of Legends skins. The Dutch court found that when depicting the champion of the game, Lucian, the artists used the image of an athlete. The court decided to pay compensation to Edgar.

Pitbull visited Russia in 2016 and took part in a charity match with the participation of world stars. Russian veterans won with a score of 3:2, but the final result was not so important. Davids admitted that he had been to Russia several times and he always had pleasant impressions of the country. At the same time, he does not remember at all how the Intertoto Cup match ended in 1999, when Juventus arrived in Rostov-on-Don. Turintsy then defeated the opponent with a score of 4:0.

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