The Easiest Way to Get a Turkish Visa – Quick and Easy Process!

For citizens of Saudi Arabia and East Timor wishing to visit Turkey, the visa process is straightforward but can be made easier with the help of one of the experienced visa service providers. This Turkey Visa for Saudi or East Timor Citizens FAQ provides answers to some of the questions travelers may have about obtaining a visa to travel to Turkey. Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens, It is now much simpler for citizens of Saudi Arabia and East Timor to apply for visas to visit Turkey. In the past, conventional visa applications could take up to several weeks to process. However, applicants can now apply for Turkish e-Visa for Tourism and Trade purposes easily, in only a few minutes, with no need to visit the Turkish Embassy in their home countries. The e-Visa is valid for up to 90 days and it is possible to apply online.

What type of visa is required for a visit to Turkey?

Turkey Visa for East Timor Citizens, The two types of visas that travelers will need to obtain for travel to Turkey are a Tourist Visa and an e-Visa. The details for each type of visa are outlined on the website of the Turkish Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For East Timor citizens, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Dili, East Timor website outlines the visa requirements. The documents required to obtain a Turkish visa depend on the traveler’s nationality and the purpose of the visit. For example, Saudi citizens require a valid travel document (Passport), a digital photograph, and credit card (Visa/MasterCard) for online processing. The documents needed may differ for citizens of East Timor. It is best to check the Turkish embassy in East Timor for more details.

What are the requirements for a Tourist Visa?

For a Tourist Visa, travelers will need to provide their valid passport and two passport-sized photographs. Most visas are issued within four working days of the visa application being lodged. In some cases, travelers may also be required to provide proof of sufficient funds for their stay, an itinerary of their time in Turkey, and details of accommodation in the country. Turkey is generally a very safe place to visit. However, it is wise to keep abreast of the latest travel advice provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey before setting out on a trip. It is also advisable to take out travel insurance, as well as follow other common-sense safety measures, such as avoiding carrying large amounts of cash, avoiding places known for criminal activity, and not revealing personal information to strangers.

What is the process of obtaining an e-Visa?

An e-Visa is the simplest option for certain nationalities traveling to Turkey. To obtain an e-Visa, travelers must complete an online application through the e-Visa website and pay the associated fee. It is best to do this at least 72 hours before you are due to travel to Turkey, as the visa needs to be approved by the Turkish government before travel. An e-Visa remains valid for the duration of a traveler’s stay in Turkey, which cannot exceed 90 days.

What other documents might be required?

When submitting a visa application, travelers will need to include their passport and two passport photographs, along with other documents that may be requested by the Turkish Embassy or consulate. These include proof of sufficient funds for the duration of their stay, a letter of invitation from a host in Turkey, or in some cases, a return ticket or confirmed onward travel ticket.

Where can I find further information?

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia or the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Dili, East Timor.

By following the advice provided in this Turkey Visa for Saudi or East Timor Citizens FAQ, travelers can make sure that the visa process is stress-free and can have a hassle-free travel experience during their time in Turkey.

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