The Connection Between the Home Wi-Fi and the Smart Thermostat

Technology is never at rest as it keeps on evolving with time while making our life more convenient and comfortable. However, technological evolution has emerged at an unbelievable pace in the past couple of years. Many advanced solutions that look futuristic have become a part of our day-to-day life. One such high-tech miracle that has become a crucial part of people’s lives in order to offer them comfort and convenience is the smart thermostat. 

Many people were unaware of a smart digital thermostat during its initial days. However, with time, people realized its benefits, and now, almost everyone is accepting the shift to the smart thermostat with alacrity. Apart from making life a bit comfortable and reducing the utility bills, installing a smart thermostat is also pretty easy. 

You can use its basic functions even without the internet connection; however, to unlock its real potential and experience why these devices are called smart, you have to connect your smart thermostat to a stable internet connectivity channel.

To make you more familiar with the smart thermostat, let’s discuss the connection between the home Wi-Fi and the smart thermostat in a detailed manner in this blog. 

Why Does a Smart Thermostat Need a Connection to the Internet?

As mentioned earlier, technology has evolved and still evolving) at a rapid pace. One of the areas that have witnessed the most significant growth in the case of home appliances is the thermostat. 

Nowadays, smart thermostats can offer a wide array of features that once appeared to be impossible at first. Features like connection to the smartphone, checking the local weather, and analyzing the indoor air quality were considered out of the question just a couple of years ago.

However, to access all these amazing features, you must connect the smart thermostat with Wi-Fi or any other internet source. Without any internet connectivity, all the functionalities of the smart thermostat will become limited.  

How Does the Smart Thermostat Function Without a Wi-Fi Connection?

Your smart digital thermostat will still work in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection or any internet source. However, without a Wi-Fi connection, it will only work like a basic, conventional thermostat device that has been around for years. 

Your thermostat can handle both the heating and cooling of the house easily, even without an internet connection. But you will no longer be able to control the temperature remotely, as for this, you need an app and an internet connection. 

Apart from this, all the other features that make these new-age devices actually smart will be lost. So, even if you don’t have an internet connection in your house, you can still install a smart thermostat, and then later, you can reap the actual benefits of these thermostats by installing a Wi-Fi connection.

Can the Wi-Fi be installed later?

Most people who move into a new house don’t have an internet connection for a short period since it takes time to get properly settled. It can be the case with you as well, but don’t let these setbacks become a reason to procrastinate the purchase of a smart thermostat. 

However, when the internet has become a necessity, it won’t take too long to get a Wi-Fi connection enabled in your house. The best part is after installing the new Wi-Fi in your new house, it is going to take only a couple of seconds to connect the thermostat to the Wi-Fi. With that, you can easily enjoy all the indescribably useful features of the digital thermostat.

What Does the Mobile App Offer?

When you connect the digital thermostat with the internet, you can access all the smart features available in the thermostat company’s mobile app. Through the mobile application, you can get live updates and alerts regarding the current status of your thermostat. 

For example, if your HVAC system has been running even if no one is in the house, you will get an alert on your mobile app. Consequently, you can turn off the HVAC system even while sitting in the office. Similarly, you can get notifications if the HVAC system has been running longer than the set limit, and on getting one, you can regulate it to save high energy bills. 

Apart from this, all the other features that you use on the touchscreen panel of the thermostat while being at home will be available on your mobile screen. It gives you better control and accessibility over the HVAC system, even when not at home. 

Final Thoughts

An internet connection is a requisite to unlock the real power of a smart thermostat. Although without Wi-Fi, a smart thermostat will not become a dummy device, it will still work but lacks full efficiency. Therefore, connecting your smart digital thermostat with your home Wi-Fi is better to enjoy the hi-tech features and experience the wonders your smart thermostat can do. Moreover, make sure you buy one from a reputable and professional company in this field, such as Tado, which offers all the remote and advanced features accessible through a mobile app.

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