The Best Tips on Writing a Good Instagram Bio (2022)

Tips on Writing a Good Instagram Bio in(2022)

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Contrary to many believe that writing Instagram bios isn’t all simple and takes considerable thinking.

Instagram is commonly used by influential people as well, so in this case, creating a compelling bio is crucial. There are thousands of Instagram users on the web, and users only take a couple of seconds to look through their profiles and create an impression.

We’ve put together a complete guide to creating an excellent Instagram bio and its importance in communicating your brand’s message. This will aid in convincing your profile users to click that coveted “follow” button.


Based on research,

  • The 39% who have active Instagram accounts with more than 15k followers are influencers.

1. Improve the name you use within your Bio so that it can be more compatible with search terms

This is the most basic requirement to start the ball rolling, and the name you use for the account you have created on your Instagram account is as essential as your Bio, if not more. First of all, when we say the name, we don’t mean your username on the IG account. We suggest instead the “name” field located on your profile.

If a user searches Instagram, the search results are made via your profile name that they recognize and identify you with your brand’s name. Thus, having the consistency of your brand name gives your brand an impression of trust and trust.

In addition, your username and the name is the sole field in which Instagram integrates search results with your profile.

Therefore, to ensure that every person who searches for your company lands at the IG profile, you must ensure that your profile’s name is correct. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to be a bit jolly and use the “name” field to highlight your unique product or service for your fans.

To get some ideas, look up how twist_of_lemons incorporates the fun in her IG bio. This will help you stand out from colleagues, but it’s an excellent way for users to locate you quickly.

2. Splash your skills

If you have a specific interest, a particular skill set, or an interest you’re passionate about, Your profile on Instagram is the best location to showcase your passion! The purpose of a bio isn’t just to tell people what you’re doing but also a fantastic opportunity to show people what you are that makes you unique.

However, it must be intriguing so that people begin following your site. In addition, this small piece of information can also serve as a significant difference between you and your competition.

3. The importance of using keywords

In contrast to their everyday use on different platforms, the keywords in your Bio aren’t used to draw users via searches toward your page. That’s the function of a perfect name for your profile, remember?

What is why you should include powerful keywords within your profile? That’s how to establish a connection between your Instagram followers and focus on the Instagram account!

Finding the appropriate keywords for your Bio requires breaking down your values and those of your users. The best way to do that is to build the Instagram account of the ideal customer and then analyze their primary concerns, their pain points, and requirements as a buyer. Discover what resonates with them, and you’ve got your keyword.

4. Website Links

In contrast to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, putting web links within your posts is simple. However, only your Bio can include the link to an external website. Utilize this space to point people to your blog or website and invite users to join your network.

One of the drawbacks of Instagram is the absence of hot links which allow you to lead your followers to a new campaign, launch, or webinars. This is easily overcome by regularly adding the bio link and including the link in your posts to inform people of the latest developments in your company.

Since Instagram allows you to use just one URL, it later offers you the opportunity to sell your Instagram feed, known as Linkin. Bio helps to drive traffic to your store online. When you click this link, the followers will be taken to your mobile or web-based landing page that mirrors your Instagram feed and shows your IG posts as clickable pictures.

5. Include your email address

Many Instagram accounts are now posting their email addresses and links to websites. This allows followers who wish to reach you a clear how to get you. If you miss a DM or two, An email reduces the chance of passing an item in.

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6. Insert some creative elements in your Instagram Bio

The Bio can be your two-minute opening to establish an association with a potential fan. Doing it stylishly can have more of an impression than if you did it otherwise. Instagram is among the more fun and casual social media platforms to include some playful creativity in your Bio.

This is how being creative can boost the look of the profile of your Instagram bio:

Tie in Emojis as Text Dividers

Utilize emojis to break up your text-heavy Instagram bio designs instead of simply hitting the boring keypad spacebar. Emojis can communicate different aspects of your company or brand or show your best side!

Include Your Brand Hashtag

They are all over the place! They are everywhere! Twitter or your marketing collateral, hashtags can be a fantastic method to increase the engagement of your posts. Why should you exclude Instagram bios from the fun? Incorporate them into your content, Instagram contests, or your Bio to increase your page’s visits.

Regularly distributing your brand’s hashtag is an effective way to keep your followers in the habit of sharing your posts using it.

However, caution Is aware that hashtags can be clicked on the Instagram profile only via the web and not through a mobile application interface.

Play With the Font of Your Bio

Changing the font in your Instagram bio can be an excellent way to make every text stand out to draw the viewers’ interest.

To get ideas for different styles of calligraphy and fonts on Your Insta bio, check out this text editor named Texturizer, which gives you access to a variety of unique fonts available for Instagram and other apps!

Break Down Your Bio

To ensure that the information you post in the Instagram bio is more organized and digestible, break it up using line breaks. It also helps ensure that your followers aren’t missing the most critical information in the text. Which can be the difference between having them follow your account.

How do you accomplish this? An easy way to include line breaks is by entering ‘Return’ into your Instagram bio. Website Instagram version. Instagram. But, remember that line breaks are only available within the app for smartphones for Instagram and not on the web-based version.

Include a CTA in Your Bio

It might appear like a simple act; however, including an active call on your Instagram bio will help get people to follow you on Instagram and increase engagement with your posts.

This is a must-do when you have a brick and mortar store or are organizing sales or events which include precise information about the location and timing along with the event.

In addition, mentioning your precise location will help users recognize your profile as a part of your store’s outlet. Thus creating a sense of goodwill on Instagram for your shop and the reverse.

The Comprehensive Instagram Bio Checklist

There’s a lot to consider in creating the perfect Instagram bio that makes an appealing first impression and will get your profile’s visitor to hit that sought-after ‘Follow’ button! Here’s a brief overview of the bio elements you must incorporate into your Instagram profile:

  • Describe exactly your identity and why you do.
  • Please make use of keywords that are relevant to your target audience to grab their attention.
  • Use the link to your blog or website and include a bio to direct your users to your Instagram feed.
  • The nuances of your personality and image reflect in the fonts and emojis you use in your Bio.
  • Offer your followers a means to connect with you.


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