SKF roll bearing cleaning is not proper, resulting in burns

The so-called cleanliness test is a test method to separate the impurities in the rolling bearing by certain means and determine its pollution degree. Now there are three kinds of cleanliness test methods: mass method experiment, microscope counting experiment and active particle counting experiment.

One: Mass method experiment.

According to the relevant specification of JB/T according to the country, clean the impurities in the tumbling SKF bearing into the cleaning liquid first, filter, dry and weigh through the cleaning liquid, calculate the quality of the impurities particles.

Two: microscope experiment.

The former process of this method is similar to that of the mass method, except that after the cleaning solution is filtered, the size and quantity of impurity particles in the filter membrane are directly observed with a microscope. But also according to the shape of impurities, distinguish the chemical composition and content of impurities. This method is most suitable for the determination of SKF bearing precision bearing cleanliness.

Three: active particle counting method experiment.

Active particle calculation method and mass method, microscope method is different, it is the use of photoelectric principle theory, the number and size of impurity particles directly determine the method. This method has high precision and is generally suitable for rolling bearings with high cleanliness requirements.

SKF bearing is burned

The so-called SKF bearing burn damage state refers to: the bearing raceway wheel, tumbling body and stick frame in the rotation of rapid heating until discolouring, softening, melting and damage. The main reason for the formation of bearing burns is that the smoothness of rolling bearings is poor, perhaps the use of irregular smoothing agent, or too much smoothing agent, too little, are not correct.

There may also be excessive load (too much preloading). The rotational speed is too high. The clearance is too small. Water or some other foreign object has invaded. If the above two cases are not, then the accuracy of the shaft, the bearing box is poor, and the deflection of the shaft is large. See here, I think we all want to know the way to deal with it. First of all, we should discuss the smoothing agent and the smoothing method, choose the tumbling bearing smoothing agent, and its dosage, and correct the selection of SKF bearing. Discuss cooperation, bearing clearance and preloading, and improve sealing equipment. Check shaft and bearing box for accuracy.

Five points of attention for SKF bearing housing protection

SKF bearing seat according to the different shape of the bearing, the different structure of the protection, each kind of bearing has its unique point, so, in the protection of the bearing seat, what should we pay attention to?

1. Check the appearance of SKF bearings to see whether there are obvious problems such as spalling and scratching on the outside of bearings.

2. Check the wear condition of bearings regularly. Including whether the bearing deformation, raceway surface wear severe, etc.

3. Regarding SKF bearing seat, check and repair as required. When the wear condition of the bearing seat is repaired, the commonly used way to check is to collect and analyze the data with the help of the spectrometer and the iron spectrometer.

4. Cleaning: Before cleaning, record all kinds of data by taking photos. When cleaning the bearing seat, special cleaning agents such as kerosene should be used for cleaning. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the fact that the bearing should be dried and coated with lubricant in time after cleaning to ensure the flexible operation of the bearing.

5, maintenance and repair card storage: SKF bearing seat maintenance service record card, can be used to record the bearing seat number, bearing working hours and other information. The record card should be updated at any time, and the record must be detailed and easy to understand.

The above five methods are the matters we should pay attention to according to the daily operation of the bearing seat. These points are the key points we should pay attention to. If we do not do a good job, it will bring bad bearing seat operation, not only reduce the working efficiency, but also reduce the bearing life, precision, wear and other conditions.

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