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Do you wish to edit limitless PDF files using afree PDF editor? Are you having problems utilizing a free PDF Editor to edit your documents?

Try the finest free PDF editor, UPDF by Superace Software Technologies, which provides customers with the tools they need to edit their PDF documents at no cost. This PDF editor includes all the required tools for professional document editing. You may modify your files in real-time and share them with others to get their feedback on how to alter a document. UPDF is available for Mac and Windows operating systems to edit PDF files.

How to rearrange PDF pages?

Upload a document to UPDF by Superace Software Technologies and rearrange its pages by clicking the “Add file” button. After the PDF is uploaded, all of the document’s pages will be shown as thumbnails. Drag and drop them to rearrange the pages in a PDF, as well as remove and rotate individual pages if necessary. To make a new file, click the “Rearrange PDF pages” button. You may save the PDF to your computer or add it to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Easy PDF page organizer

There are two straightforward ways to rearrange the PDF pages in a file. To rearrange pages by hand, drag the thumbnail of the page you want to move and drop it in the desired spot.

You may automatically rearrange the pages in either reverse or direct order by using the “Sort” option, which is located in the top-left corner of the PDF viewer. We recommend combining these two approaches in order to get the desired level of productivity.

Rotate or delete PDF pages

You may not only rearrange the pages of a PDF document with this tool, but you can also rotate them and delete portions. Simply moving the mouse pointer over a page’s thumbnail will reveal the options that are now open to you.

You can get rid of a page by clicking the “X” button, and if you want to examine it more closely, you may click the magnifying glass symbol. Utilize the green buttons that are located below to turn a page either clockwise or counterclockwise. Please inform us about this free PDF editing software that enables you to make professional changes to your documents without requiring any financial outlay on your part.

Features of UPDF Editor:

UPDF stands out among other free PDF editors on the market due to the fact that it is completely free to use without any restrictions and has a user-friendly interface. Let’s take a closer look at its most important elements and discuss how they will apply to UPDF.

Edit PDF Text Seamlessly

Are you looking for a free PDF editor that will allow you to alter the text in PDF files in a professional manner?

UPDF is the finest free PDF editor since it enables you to effortlessly add and modify text inside PDF documents, save the modified file without watermarks on your device, and do all of this without requiring you to register. When altering text in PDF, you can change the text itself and the font, color, and size of the text. You may also swiftly erase some messages if you decide that you do not need them.

View Multiple PDF Files in Tabs

When you need to read any PDF files to learn new knowledge or look for specific information across multiple PDF documents, it might be a hassle to see each file in a separate window.

On the other hand, UPDF enables you to read PDFs in tabs simultaneously.

You may save time and effort by using this function, which allows you to read many files at once.

Modify Image in PDF

UPDF enables you to make any modifications to the pictures in your PDF files, regardless of what those modifications may be. In particular, PDF makes it simple to cut out portions of pictures, rotate them, and crop them. You also have the option of removing photos from your PDF file that aren’t essential, as well as adding new images to PDF documents.

Markup PDF File

When you read a piece of literature or any other kind of educational material, you could find that you need to highlight certain significant facts or make remarks on certain parts. UPDF allows you to annotate PDF files, which is useful for this purpose. You could, for instance, highlight the vital information, add shapes to annotate particular material, add sticky notes to leave some feedback for a given piece of content, and so on.

Delete and Rearrange PDF Pages

While reading a PDF file containing many pages, you may discover that some of the pages do not need to be there. If this is the case, you may eliminate the extra pages directly and quickly by using UPDF. In addition, UPDF allows you to rotate and remove pages from PDF documents with only a few mouse clicks. You may also rearrange the PDF document pages by dragging them to the appropriate locations.

Advantages of UPDF:

  • It is completely free and allows you to easily make your file changes.
  • This toolkit is accessible for Mac and Windows users, allowing them to edit documents safely.
  • Unlike other PDF programs on the market, UPDF provides a distinctive and enjoyable user experience.
  • It has no restrictions on the number of documents it can handle or the amount of time it may be used.
  • When you save the modified file, there are no watermarks.
  • Opening and managing PDFs is safe and quick.

Disadvantages of UPDF:

  • It is not yet compatible with the Android operating system.
  • Advanced functionality like OCR and cloud service are limited.


It may match your usual needs of editing and managing PDF files without cost as a fully free PDF editor for Mac and Windows platforms. Because of its spectacular interface, reliable performance, rapid opening speed, and security, UPDF is the ideal option for you to edit, annotate, and manage PDF documents for free when compared to other PDF applications on the market. So get UPDF for Mac and start managing your PDF documents in no time.

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