Motorised Curtain Tracks

Know How Motorised Curtain Tracks Are Good in Convenience

There was a period when curtain rods were the most preferred choice for hanging curtains, drapes and sheers. Ever since, trends have evolved and now curtain tracks have overtaken curtain rods. With advancements in technology, we have motorised curtain tracks, which are good in terms of convenience. 

Being stylish and modern, motorised curtain tracks can bring about a transformation to any room décor. With a simple click of a button, you can instantly close or open your curtains, ideal for adding a classy look to your living space. Read on to know how motorised curtain tracks are convenient to use. 

Control Remotely

This is the most convenient part of having motorised curtain tracks at home. It is highly beneficial for users who struggle to close or open heavy curtain manually. With motorized tracks, you can remotely control the curtains as per your needs. 

Many advanced motorised models come with an option to use a remote control or even a smartphone app for controlling purposes. This makes things all the more convenient for users. At times, if you want to operate the curtains manually, you can do that too with just a gentle tug. 

Quiet Operation

The motors used in these curtain tracks are powerful, but still, they operate quietly without emitting any disturbing noise. 

Save Time

You can operate all curtains with a single tap of the remote control or your smartphone app. You can also use a wireless switch, which you can adjust to any place in the room. The most popular and convenient solution for a wireless switch is on the bedside so that users can operate the curtains easily from the comforts of their cosy bed. 

Automatic Control According to Weather Conditions

Motorised curtain tracks allow you to connect smart sun and weather sensors that can automate closing and opening of curtains based on the temperature. Such a system will automatically close the curtains on sunny days to prevent heat build-up inside the room. 

Multiple Control Options

Besides controlling the curtains automatically using a remote control, you have several other options as well. This includes a wireless switch, a wired switch, smartphone application, and smart weather sensors. You can also open or close the curtains manually. You can customize these options by requesting the manufacturer depending on what you want. 

Customise As Per Your Needs

This is another great convenience of motorised curtain tracks. You can personalize the stop and start positions and also the speed of operation. It also lets you set a personalized curtain position that you can use with a button press. 

Improved Security 

If you are away from home, you can still create an illusion that someone is at home to keep away intruders. You can do this by setting a specific opening or closing time for the curtains at a particular position. So, for outsiders, it will appear as if someone is at home even when there’s no one. 

Highly Durable

Motorised curtain tracks are highly durable. They can bear a weight of up to 60 kg. So, they are suitable for heavy and thick night curtains as well. They have lengthy rails as well, which makes ideal for installation even in big rooms. 

Enhance the Lifespan of Curtains

You can protect the fabric of your curtains by getting a motor to gently operate them rather than having to close and open them manually. This gently handling can help increase the lifecycle of your curtains. The sleek appearance keeps the focus on the curtains rather than on the tracks as in the case of curtain rods. 

Sleek and Minimalistic Look

The motors of these tracks are designed such that they can be installed invisibly behind curtains, thus showcasing a minimalistic look. The motor can be installed on the right, left, or on either side of the curtain tracks. If there is adequate space, it can also be installed on the top of the track. In a nutshell, all the above reasons justify the incredible extent to which motorised curtain tracks and window blinds for home are convenient to use. All these user-friendly features make them a great addition not only for residences but also for commercial spaces, theatres and concert halls. If you are looking for contemporary ways to hang your curtains, motorised curtain tracks are your best bet.

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