Instagram Tips ‘n Tricks: How to Climb to the Top of the Feed!

Hey there, friends!

Have you ever felt like Instagram is kinda, well, a big ol’ merry-go-round? One moment, you’re at the top, waving at everyone. Next moment, you’re at the bottom, looking at others’ shoes. Sound familiar? It does to me! But, fret not. Here, I’ve scribbled down some pretty awesome tips and tricks to help you (and me!) stay on top of that feed.

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1. Timing – It’s Not Just About Watches:

  • Ok, so the thing is, if you post at the right time, more folks are likely to see your post. Makes sense, right? But the trick is to find out when YOUR followers are online.
  • Some apps and tools can help you with this. Do some digging and you’ll find what works best for you.

2. Stories – Not Just Bedtime Material:

  • Instagram stories are, in one word, fantastic! You can use polls, stickers, quizzes, and whatnot. And the fun part? People LOVE engaging with them.
  • So, post interesting stories, and see the magic unfold. It’s kinda like throwing a fishing line and waiting for a bite.

3. Your Bio – More than Just Words:

  • Think of your bio as the signboard of a shop. It needs to be catchy enough to pull people in. Say who you are, what you do and maybe throw in something funny or quirky.
  • Oh, and if you’ve got something that defines you – like if you’re a baker or a singer – pop that in!

4. IGTV and Reels – The Big Players:

  • So, IGTV lets you post videos that are, you know, longer. And Instagram seems to be giving them a lot of love. So, why not give it a try?
  • Now, Reels. Ah, these are like short, fun bursts of joy. And Instagram is kinda pushing them to the forefront. So, make some Reels and roll in the likes and comments!

5. Pairing Up is Fun – Collaborate:

  • Collaboration is like doing a duet. Two voices, more fun! Team up with folks who gel well with your style and vibe.
  • When you do this, you get to say hi to their audience. It’s a win-win!

6. Quality – No Compromises Here:

  • I mean, we all get the urge to post lots and lots. But here’s the thing. It’s better to post once in a while and make it super awesome.
  • Invest time in taking good photos, think up cool captions and yes, use the right hashtags. That trio is the key!

7. Stay Alert – Instagram is Always Changing:

  • If you’re an Instagram oldie like me, you’d know it’s not the same as before. New stuff keeps popping up.
  • So, it’s kinda important to be on the lookout. Use the new features, show Instagram that you’re all in. is renowned for its stable Canadian Instagram follower services and its commendable online reputation.

FAQs – Let’s Clear the Air:

Q: If I post more, will I be at the top?

A: Hmm, not always. It’s more about the kinda engagement you get. Likes, comments, shares – that stuff.

Q: What about those paid ads and promotions? Yay or nay?

A: They can help, sure. But in the long run, growing organically feels, I dunno, more genuine?

Q: Old posts – can I repost them?

A: Risky move, buddy. If folks catch on, they might not like it. Always try to keep things fresh.

Time to Wrap It Up:

And that’s the scoop, pals! Climbing the Instagram ladder ain’t easy, but with a bit of effort and some tricks up your sleeve, you can make it. And remember, at the end of the day, enjoy what you do. After all, it’s all about having fun and connecting with peeps, right? Stay awesome and keep ‘gramming! 😊📸🌈

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