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Industrial washer is a purpose-built piece of washing equipment. They clean and sanitise containers, trays, instruments, tools, components and other items. Some of the main industries they are used in are

And increasingly over recent years the logistics and distribution sectors.

The Benefits Of An Industrial Washer

An industrial washer typically boasts high throughput, fast cycle times and intensive sanitising options. They suit well in environments where the highest levels of cleanliness is essential. They are also ideal in environments where cross-contamination of ingredients must be avoided. No longer is cleaning just about hygiene. It is still essential but it must now eliminate the risk of allergen transfer between products or cross-contamination of flavours.

Cleaning In The Food Processing In

Food manufacturers, for instance, have to adhere to stringent health and safety legislation. But, many want reliable washing equipment that will go further than this legislation demands. For them, it’s important to ensure superb quality and repeatability for their products.

Many look to automation to deal with high volumes of items to be cleaned, while keeping costs low. Their needs are diverse. They include the washing of items used to transport, weigh and store foods and ingredients. They can also be used for items used in the actual manufacturing processes. 

Industrial Washing Machines

In automotive, industrial component production, and the logistics sector, the pallets and distribution crates used in transportation need reliable, customized cleaning processes. We can also add water removal systems and/or full drying sections to an industrial washing machine. For example, supermarket type crates that are needed to be re-used as soon as possible for distributing packaged goods.

Industrial washing machines vary in size, functionality and scope. We build some to handle very high volumes of components. However some of our other industrial washers are compact units. Some are designed to neatly fit on shop floors where space is at a premium.

Automation, high reliability, ease of use and ease of maintenance is the commonality between all of these machines. They relieve human operators of tedious and often unpleasant tasks. At the same time, they boost productivity. They use special detergents and they can withstand high temperature water and steam. As a result, it guarantees increased levels of sanitation.

At Industrial Washer Machines Ltd, we equip the products built with powerful pumps. These pumps produce powerful directed water jets to guarantee efficient cleaning. We design them to minimise usage of water, detergent and energy. As a result, they send savings straight to the bottom line

IWM designs a wide range of industrial washing machines and offer advice on the best sanitizing solution. We support even the most specialized industry sectors and niche applications. The team at IWM manufactures all of the company’s machines in-house. We also oversee the installation and provide user training. After sales service is increasingly important for us too.  Therefore, we ensure we maintain the equipment to keep them at peak performance levels throughout its working life.

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