Huawei Matebook D14

How to make the brand-new Huawei Matebook D14

You can smoothly connect your Huawei tablet, smartphone, and other devices to this stylish laptop thanks to its support for Huawei Super Device and powerful 11th Gen Intel Core processor. This allows you to multitask to the next level for optimum productivity.

Huawei Super Device: What is it?

Working from home was once promoted by employers as a perk under the heading of “flexible working” until a few years ago. Working full-time at an office, from home, or somewhere else in between is the norm in 2022.

With increased flexibility comes a need for technology that supports innovative working methods. This includes utilizing various simultaneous configurations of desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and cellphones. Given that we now use the same tools (smartphones, laptops, and tablets) for both enjoyment and work, these needs are not necessarily limited to the workplace.

Huawei, a leading global technology company, has unveiled a new vision for the future in response to this: one in which its laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other goods can be combined into a single multi-device system, or Super Device as some may call it. The goal is to remove the barriers between the devices you use daily, which will make life much simpler.

Think about the opportunities that open up, for instance, when you combine your Huawei tablet and laptop to form a Super Device. Accessing files across the two will be as simple as if you were using a single device. This would enable you to easily attach a file that is saved on your tablet while writing an email on your laptop, for example. This allows you to concentrate on increasing your production with fewer interruptions because you are not forced to deal with complicated file transfer procedures.

Building a Huawei Super Device

In essence, a Super Device is “made” by wirelessly fusing two Huawei devices that are compatible* with one another.

On a Huawei computer, such as the brand-new Huawei matebook d14, this is accomplished using the Super Device interface. You can find and connect to any Huawei tablet or smartphone after designating the PC as a trusted device. With Huawei’s industry-first “drag to connect” feature, doing so is a simple and natural process.

Additionally, your PC will immediately establish a connection with connected devices after designating them as trustworthy devices once they are brought within range.

Make a PC-tablet Super Device to increase the effectiveness of your laptop

You will be eligible to function more flexibly and effectively than ever before thanks to the seamless integration of your Huawei laptop & tablet into a single Super Device. This is how:

Mirror mode

As the name implies, in this mode the display on your tablet exactly replicates what is on the screen of your computer. This gives the tablet access to the PC’s superior hardware while giving the PC use of the tablet’s stylus features. You can draw on the tablet as well, and the artwork will immediately show on your computer.

In a smart office setting, you can utilize the tablet while making a lecture on your PC, making it simpler to annotate or skip slides thanks to the tablet’s touchscreen.

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