How many followers does Lionel Messi have on Instagram

Instagram has been the most famous app for all the millennials. It has not been occupied by local users but it has a huge fan based following. Celebrities from around the world are connected with their fans through Instagram. Instagram followers show how big celebrity fame is. Every year it has been reported the most famous followed celebrities of the year. This year and for many years, Lionel Messi, the king of football, has always been on the list of celebrities. Let’s dig into his Instagram and find some interesting facts and posts. 


As discussed above, Instagram is ruling over the world through its users. As per the fact for the celebrity Lionel Messi, the famous sports player is followed by almost 320millions of followers. Since 2013, since Leo joined Instagram till now, he has earned 320million fan followers. All of his photos have been given millions of IG likes by his followers. This is how they show love on Instagram.

Sneak peek of his Instagram insight

After looking into his account, you would notice that no doubt he is a sportsman but he has a huge love for his family. His wife being the love of his life has been with him in many posts along with their lovely children. And then, of course, being a football boy, many posts have been uploaded while he is playing or making a shot. He is not only a celebrity but has posted about society related social work posts. He has always supported breast cancer and has enormous respect for digging into such a sensitive topic. You will see a lot of posts where he has posed with his winning trophy. 

Recent updates

The Instagram posts have reached more than 520 in his account. This will probably increase his followers by the passage of time. Recently we have seen a video post which is probably made by Lionel Messi himself. In the video, his wife is skating on roller board and his cutest pet dog joins them along in the video. It has 25.1k comments so far. If you look further, the last post is about themessistore. Multiple videos have been uploaded using a single post. He has been advertising his brand with different clothes and obviously, he has been shown playing with a football. It has 3.2million likes. And that is just wow! Barcelona has been his football team and it has been 120years since it came into football and Messi has huge respect for tea and he has shown his love by sharing a beautiful photo of 12o years of Barcelona team. 

Why is he famous?

The foot is an international game. It is being watched by millions and followed by millions on Instagram. The reason for him being famous is not limited to one reason. He is a loyal husband and caring father and most of all a humble human being to sum it all up. He has been kind enough to his fans and has always thanked them by his kind gestures. After all, football is not just a game, it’s life. 

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