alcohol dependence

How alcohol dependence wreaks havoc on romantic relationships?

Alcohol is a depressant whose excess use can decrease mood, dampen mood and make it difficult for a male to attain an erection under the influence. In fact, overconsumption is a common cause of weak erection. Alcohol not only reduces the production of testosterone but also make it difficult for males to attain or sustain an erection.

Consumption of alcohol on a regular basis is not considered healthy for intercourse. Toxins from alcohol build in your body and impact your reproductive parts, thereby deteriorating the quality of erection. The most common condition reported was premature ejaculation follow by low libido and erectile dysfunction.

5 Ways in which alcohol can ruin Your Sex Life

For males, heavy drinking can lead to:

1. Temporary erectile dysfunction: Consumption of too much alcohol impacts both the brain and the male organ. As per a study of the University of Washington, sober men were able to attain an erection more quickly than men who were intoxicated – and some males struggled to get hard after drinking. Chronic and persistent use of alcohol is linked to erectile problem which leads to interpersonal difficulty and market distress.

Boozing prior to an intimate session decreases the flow of blood to the male organ and dampens the level of excitement. In such a condition if a man wants to have sex, the entire process of lovemaking won’t be as pleasurable as it would be without the use of liquor.

2. Long term erectile dysfunction: The risk for long term ED has been linked to the excess use of alcohol. Studies show that men who are dependent on alcohol are more prone to different forms of sexual problems such as loss of libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 

3. Strained relationships: As per a study by National Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, consumption of alcohol beyond moderation levels is linked with relationship problems such as incompatibility, constant fights, economic insecurity, infidelity and divorce. In fact, more than 90% of sexual assaults involve the use of liquor.

4. Mixing liquor with Smoke: Men who light a cigarette after heavy drinking are at increased risk for ED. A male who smokes more than a packet of cigarettes in a single day is at increased risk for erectile dysfunction. 

5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Another big risk is combining liquor with intercourse. Such people can get exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. Recent studies have shown that about half of all unplanned sexual intercourse involves alcohol. Similarly, more than 60% of STD’s are transmitted after a consumption of booze. Young men who are in the habit of drinking are more likely to have unprotected sexual intercourse.

Heavy use of alcohol is the main culprit for developing sexual dysfunction 

About more than a third of the subjects have reported decreased frequency of intercourse or dissatisfaction with their sexual partner after the use of alcohol. High risk drinking over a long time can lead to the shrinking of the testes and the penis.  Lower testosterone levels can affect the ability of the males to get hard and make love. Excess consumption may result in greater neurotoxin effects and may contribute to a reversible vagal neuropathy. Chronic use of alcohol also alters gonadal hormones. 

Erectile problems in the males may be due to the depressant effect of alcohol or due to a multitude of psychological reasons related to the use of alcohol. Silagra Tablets are an effective and clinically tested medicine to get hard and make love. Its primary element, Sildenafil Citrate, releases sufficient amount of blood to the male genitalia and assures a healthy and strong erection to males for sexual intercourse.

Apart from ED, what other effects can alcohol have on your body?

 In addition to ruining your sex life, excess consumption of booze can also have significant effects on your body and mind.

  • Binge drinking can change your DNA and make you crave for more

Overconsumption of alcohol not only changes your genetic make you but also leaves you wanting for more. During a comparison of heavy drinkers with moderate drinkers, it was found that methylation changes two genes in the bodies of chronic alcoholics, which affects the biological clock and regulates the stress response system, leaving men with an increased desire for liquor. 

  • Alcohol aggravates the risk of certain cancers

As per a survey of National Cancer Institute, it has been found that excess consumption of alcohol increases the risk of mouth cancer, liver cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer and esophageal cancer. Alcohol is also responsible for nearly 6% of cancer death globally.

  • Alcohol deteriorates natural immunity and changes the composition of organisms in the gut

Consuming alcohol not only impacts digestion but other aspects of health as well. Chronic drinking lowers immunity and affects intestinal barrier. Lowered immunity also makes the person vulnerable to numerous health complications.

  • Alcohol impacts brain structure and long term memory

Binge drinking can result in blackouts and wipe out memories.  Regular consumption of alcohol affects the functioning of the brain thereby impacting cognitive function. It also raises the risk of stroke and depression. A recent study of the University of Oxford found that even moderate drinking decreases the white and grey matter in the brain. The study of this research concluded that there are no safe levels of alcohol consumption for health.

  • Consumption of alcohol leads to hormonal disturbances

Chronic use of alcohol impacts the endocrine system and disrupts the release of important hormones leading to hormonal imbalances that permeate all tissues in the body. This disturbance leads to thyroid problems, cardiovascular problems, and behavioural disorder and immune system abnormalities. Alcohol increases the production of Cortisol, a stress hormone which shoots BP and leads to stress.Alcohol has been a favourite beverage with men because a drink or two can offer a feeling of relaxation. If taken in moderation, it can be good for the heart and the improved circulation of blood.  But please remember that blending of alcohol with physical intimacy is a delicate balancing act.  If you are experiencing loss of libido, erectile problems or early discharge because of mixing liquor with intercourse, you may be giving an opportunity to alcohol to ruin your life. Males with erectile problems can trust Kamagra to restore their lost manhood. It is an effective medication to enhance the quality of erection and enjoy a fun filled and pleasurable intercourse.

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