Home Health Nursing for Senior Citizens: A Benevolent Profession

Nursing is one of the noblest professions one can choose. Few other things provide more joy than helping others who are unable to take care of themselves during their ailment. There are many nursing fields one can choose from after Medicalsurgical nursing, but one of the most humane and satisfying ones is home health nursing for senior citizens. What Is Home Health Nursing For The Elderly?

Home health nursing for the elderly is a specialty that one takes up after Medical-surgical nursing. It entails the nurse looking after elderly patients who want to stay in their homes.

What are the categories and basic job descriptions of home health nurses?

The main intention of a home health nurse will be to form a strong bond with the patient on an emotional level. The primary goal will be to give them some company. The categories and basic job descriptions will entail the following:1) Personal Care

  • This will include, making sure the patient is not depressed. 
  • Make sure the patient is taking the medication on time.
  • Help with general activities of living.
  • Ride with them to places. Taking them to get their essentials such as groceries. (Some home nurse providing companies allow this, but some don’t).

2) In-Home Long Term Care

Here, the patient will get the same treatment as in a medical facility. The only difference is, they will get the treatment while staying at home. The nurse’s job would be to:

  • Feed the patient.
  • Put on the clothes.
  • Take the patient’s vital signs regularly and maintain a log.
  • Feed medicines as per schedule
  • Give injections etc.

3) In-Home Skilled Nursing

In this scenario, the nurses do the same as in In-Home Long Term Care. The only difference is the nurse does not have only one patient -they have multiple. The nurse gets to visit them for shorter periods.

4) Hospice Care

This category is the noblest of them all by far. Here, the nurse spends time with an elderly individual whose final years have almost arrived. Many senior citizens want to live out the remainder of their days in their homes rather than in a nursing home. They want to die with some dignity. This is a praiseworthy mentality, and hospice care nurses provide that service. They stay with their patients and give them all the care they need. They are very skilled at their job and most of them tend to be multifaceted. They not only take care of the patients but also engage with them in discussions about topics that enrich one’s mind.

Nursing is such a wholesome profession that one can look back at it proudly. This job is only for those who are compassionate about people and willing to sacrifice some time to help strangers. 

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