From Old Friendships to New Resumes: Networking Tips for Senior Entrepreneurs

Connecting with people can be intimidating, even if you’re a senior citizen with years of experience talking to and befriending other people. Business networking is a totally different ball game. Whether you’re trying to launch a new business venture, found a nonprofit organization, or find a new volunteer opportunity to help your community, there are networking tactics that can make it easier to find the right people and make a connection. Below, shares more about how to succeed in networking for your new endeavor. 

Network With the Right People

According to reports, 95% of working professionals agree that beneficial business relationships and opportunities come from networking. It’s true that who you know is important in business, and many deals are handed out simply because of personal, familial, or professional ties. 

Rekindle Old Friendships

Reconnecting with old friends is a great way to extend your current network. Look through an old yearbook or review member lists in your alumni association groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to find people you once knew to connect with again. Not only will you have a great time catching up and rekindling old friendships, but you’ll also get those old connections talking to their existing friends and networks. Be sure to mention your new venture while you’re talking to them. 

Be Consistent and Follow Through

Once you reconnect with people, don’t forget to stay in touch so you can maintain the connection. If you suggest lunch together sometime, get in touch with them and propose a date and time. Be sure to show up if you said you would, send follow-up materials if you promised to do so, or make that introduction you mentioned during your conversation. MindTools emphasizes that you want to make a good impression by following through on your promises.

Keep a Copy of Your Resume and Portfolio Handy

You don’t want to let your resume or portfolio get stale, even if you’re technically retired. If you aren’t a good writer, free writing tools like a resume generator can help you easily build out your resume using premade templates. In fact, you can have a new resume ready to send out to potential employers in no time. 

Alternatively, you can look online for professionally designed resume templates. You can do that here and then add your own content, photos, color customization, and high-quality images to make the best impression possible. Be sure to have a hard copy available to show friends when meeting them face-to-face or have it ready to email them as a PDF. 

Try New Things

If you aren’t making any new connections with what you’re doing on a daily basis, then try something different. Where do the people you need to network with spend their free time? Explore your city and seek out new connections. Try a new hobby that could help you cross paths with the people you want to meet. 

You Can Do It

Any time is a great time  to launch a new venture, connect with old friends, and network your way to success. While connecting with old friends and new people might be intimidating at first, it gets easier in time. Just make sure that you’re prepared to impress with a resume, portfolio of services, or product samples, and follow through with your promises. Your network – and your new venture – will grow faster than you imagined. 

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