Essential Tips on How To Get Your Frozen Food in the Freezer Aisle

For a long time, frozen food had a poor reputation. It was regarded as the dietary staple of those people who were unmotivated or unwilling to cook, and it was universally frowned upon by nutritionists. In recent years, though, this has radically changed, and a new generation of healthy, delicious meals has sprung up in the frozen food aisle. Perusing these aisles will reveal frozen food packaging that advertises health benefits and nutritional advantages. If you’re trying to break into this market, consider these tips for doing so.

Define Your Target Consumer

Before you can get your frozen foods in grocery stores throughout the nation, you need to consider a few important elements — what is your brand identity? What do you offer that other frozen food companies don’t? Perhaps the most important question of all, though, is this — who am I trying to sell this to? Indeed, you won’t be able to reach a wide audience if you don’t know who that audience is.

In order to take your frozen food company to the next level, then you must first define who your target customer is. You need to know basic demographic information such as their family structure, their income level, and their personal values. If you’re selling organic frozen kids’ meals at a mid-tier price point, for example, your target customer may be a single mom who earns a $48,000 salary and values sustainability.

Once you’ve developed a profile of your target customer, you can develop sachet packaging that appeals to them. Remember that packaging should speak directly to your target consumer’s values and pain points. Packaging that’s eco-friendly will appeal to consumers who value the environment. Similarly, packaging that clearly indicates easy preparation instructions will appeal to consumers for whom time constraints are a pain point. Integrating these elements into your packaging will help you target a specific client and achieve widespread appeal.

Create a Unique Experience for Them

Customers want to feel represented and validated when they reach for a new product — they want to feel like it was created just for them. Paradoxically, though, you want each of your customers to feel this way. How can you achieve this and provide customers with a consistent yet unique experience? You can create a unique experience for customers in many ways, but your packaging is a great place to start.

Crafting customized stand up pouches, for example, offers your brand the opportunity to invite further interaction from customers. When you include your social media information or even a direct email address, you’re sending a clear message to your customers that you are interested in what they have to say. Every interaction that emerges from this approach is thus a unique and engaging experience for the consumer.

Connecting with customers will prove to be instrumental when you’re presenting your frozen food product to grocery stores and distributors. Don’t overlook the importance of a great packaging strategy for your branding and marketing campaigns. When your packaging is persuasive, you’ll see the sales you seek.

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