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Cool Comfort on a Budget: Unveiling Orient AC Prices in Pakistan

Owing to its innovative features, fashionable designs, exceptional cooling capacities, and cutting-edge technology, Orient air conditioners are considered the best in Pakistan. By providing the coolest and most energy-efficient cooling options, these are made to enhance subcontinental lives and maximize comfort for our valued customers. Orient air conditioners are perfect for use anywhere, any time of year, and are highly eco-friendly. 

The Ultron E-Comfort DC Inverters, which are compatible with Internet of Things (IoT) operations and offer unmatched cooling performance, are a standout among the company’s outstanding DC inverter assortment. Orient E-Comfort DC Inverters offer an unmatched user experience along with a new way to run air conditioners. The strong performance, higher energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness of Orient air conditioners can benefit any home or business. The Orient Hyper 18GSW is a high-end 1.5-ton DC Inverter AC that offers up to 75% energy efficiency thanks to its state-of-the-art inverter technology. With its dual rotary compressor and incredibly low voltage of 156–260 volts, it guarantees optimal cooling and heating performance. We will discuss different aspects of Orient AC. These ACs have very low prices, you can search by Orient AC price in Pakistan.


The fact that Orient AC is so inexpensive in Pakistan is by far its biggest benefit.

Efficiency in Energy Use

Modern inverter technology reduces energy consumption by up to 75%.

Low Voltage Function

It operates on a voltage of 156 to 260 volts.

Perfect Climate Control

The optimal functioning of the heating and cooling operations is ensured by the twin rotary compressor.


The air conditioner can clean itself, ensuring that the air is clean and healthy.

Stylish Style

The sleek, modern style enhances the attractiveness of your space.

Japanese PCB Assembly

The upgraded Japanese PCB Kit that comes with the Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC provides superior moisture protection for extended lifespan and durability.

50-foot 4-dimensional air throw

The Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC’s 50-foot-long 4D air throw distributes air uniformly throughout the room for quicker cooling and improved energy conservation.

Largest Interior Unit

The 1.1-meter interior unit of the Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC has a larger fan motor and improved airflow for optimal cooling and heating performance.

Anti-rust coating in Gold Fin

The Gold Fin Anti-Rust coating on the Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter AC guards against moisture-induced corrosion.

Control of Temperature

Air conditioners cool a space when its temperature rises beyond a certain level and heat it when its temperature drops below that level.

Non-inverter air conditioners use more energy since their motors have set speeds and must be turned on and off to adjust the temperature. Instead of turning the motor on and off, inverter air conditioners regulate the temperature by varying the motor speed. Compared to non-inverter models, air conditioners with inverters can consume less energy and have reduced power loss.

Inverter-less Air Conditioners

Running hard, stopping, and then starting and stopping again requires more energy.

Air Conditioner with Inverter Type

Running at a proper pace lets you cover more ground while using less energy. Motors are powered by magnets and electric current. The motor consists of two types of magnets. One is a permanent magnet with an inherent magnetic force. The other is an electromagnet, which generates a magnetic force using electricity. When N and S poles of magnets come into touch with each other, they exhibit an attracting force; when N and S poles and S and S poles come into contact, they exhibit a repelling force.

The motor rotates as a result of the electromagnet’s shifting polarity, which generates both repelling and attractive forces. The inverter controls the pace of switching the electric current between directions, thereby governing the speed at which the motor rotates. The inverter turns the motor by changing the direction of the electric current flowing through the electromagnet. Furthermore, controlling the switching speed enables precise control of a motor’s rotation speed.

One Ton of Orient at Pakistani Prices

The cost of the Orient 12GEVAT3 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter Wall Mount in Pakistan is 147,899 – PKR as of January 2024. Customers can accept or cancel their order and will be notified via phone, email, or WhatsApp if prices are increased.

Premium Brand

Orient Watches has successfully positioned itself as a luxury brand by combining a steadfast dedication to quality with Japanese artistry. Their extensive selection of high-end models, in-house manufacturing, and history of horological expertise are the main reasons for their well-deserved reputation in the luxury watch market.

Based on a thorough examination of market research and customer trends, Orient has built a well-known reputation for its innovative product line. It is the first Pakistani company to provide a broad range of the most innovative, cost-effective, and durable items to its loyal customers.

With its main office in New Delhi, Orient Electric Limited is a global Indian electrical equipment manufacturer and a CK Birla Group member. It manufactures fans, lighting, switchgear, and home appliances. Orient Electric keeps manufacturing facilities in Kolkata, Faridabad, and Noida.

In summary

One of Pakistan’s top multinational engineering firms, Orient Energy Systems offers industrial and power generation solutions and services that are well-known throughout the world. Orient-made inverter air conditioners are practical and effective at lessening heat waves on hot days. These products are energy and environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, and feature-rich, but a guarantee does not cover them.

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