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Consult a Doctor and Nurse on Video Call with Uber for Doctors

On-Demand Apps are changing how people use their phones. It is no more just about calling, messaging, or playing games. A Smartphone with a Smart App like Uber for Doctors helps the user to book an Online Video Consultation with healthcare experts like Cardiologists, Gynecologist, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, and many more. 

People no longer need to visit Doctors or Hospitals or take appointments months and days in advance for consultation. The Users now only need three things to do right from the comfort of their homes. A Smartphone, a Mobile Doctor App, and a Credit Card to pay the Consultation Charges. 


After the user login or registers on the App, the next thing is to book a doctor and pay for their consultation. So, here’s an easy tutorial to do that by yourself. 

Step 1: Choose the Category 

Open the App and go to ‘VIDEO CONSULTATION’ from the menu on the Home Page. then, choose ‘DOCTORS’ from the various Categories.

Step 2: Select a Subcategory

The next screen that appears will enlist all the subcategories of Doctor such as: 

  • Physiotherapist
  • Cardiologist
  • Gynecologist
  • Psychologist
  • Pediatrician 
  • General Physician 

Select the subcategory and tap on ‘NEXT’

Step 3: Browse through the Doctor’s Profile 

Once you select the subcategory, the App will display all the Doctors from the chosen category on the Screen. The list of doctors that appears is the ones who are currently available or ‘ONLINE’ near your location. 

The Users can browse through their profiles. Look at their Background Information, Gallery, Ratings, and read through their Reviews. It will help you to find the best Doctor on the Uber for Doctors App. To open a profile, click on the ‘MORE DETAILS’ option. 

Step 4: Select your Doctor 

After browsing through the Profiles, the users have to tap on ‘CONTINUE’ to book the doctor. The Users can also add Special Instruction in the Section to give more details about your ailment to the Doctor. By pressing the ‘NEXT’ button on the screen, the Users can view the entire Booking Details such as chosen Doctor, available coupons, and Consultation Charges. 

Step 5: Select your preferred Mode of Payment 

In Online Video Consultation Feature on Health Care On-Demand App, the only available payment mode is Credit Card. It is because the consultation is happening online, thus, no paying in cash is not possible! 

When the user selects the payment method, a Service Request is sent to the Doctors in the area along with Job Details such as the User’s location. The user gets an immediate notification when their Booking gets confirmed. Now, the user can view their bookings on the ‘YOUR BOOKINGS’ page on Mobile Doctor App

The user can now track the Service Progress right from the App. It is only the Doctor who can initiate the Video Call. Consulting Doctors also have the liberty to click on ‘START VIDEO CONSULTING’ over and over because there can be many stances where the calls may disconnect such as a bad internet connection! 


Do you want to build an app that looks appealing and has a smoother User Experience? Well, why don’t you try the Uber for Doctors App? It is the best App for Doctors and Nurses to continue offering their services via online means. 
Plus, Entrepreneurs can get this App built-in 7 – 8 Business Days only. Get your hands on this App and seek Success.

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