Combination lock comparison

The best combination lock has TSA suitability

If you need a cylinder combination lock, you can use a TSA combination lock. Lock the TSA lock with a combination of numbers and an additional master key. For example, this number padlock is used on many suitcases.

The employees at the airport have the right key.american white shepherd if you notice a discrepancy when screening your luggage, you can open the lock without destroying it directly.

Combination lock vs. classic padlock: advantages and disadvantages

Compared to a classic padlock, the number padlock offers several advantages. Especially the high security speaks for this lock category. Furthermore, you do not need a key to unlock the lock. As a result, you do not have to worry about losing the key. However, it happens that combinations of numbers are forgotten.

The following overview shows you the positive and negative aspects of a combination lock compared to a classic lock at a glance:


  • A simple number combination allows unlocking
  • No key required
  • High level of security


  • Comparatively high acquisition costs
  • Number combinations can be forgotten

Setting the combination lock is not a problem

In order for adults and children to set the combination lock, they must first open it. This is achieved with the combination that can be found in the manufacturer’s specifications. As a rule, this consists of zeros.

Once the combination number lock is open, users pull the bracket up and rotate it 180 degrees. Then press it down. While holding down the temple, change the number combination as you like.

Combination lock tests recommend a sequence of digits that you can remember well, but that is difficult for unauthorized persons to guess. Once you have chosen your code, guide the bracket to its original position and can lock the lock. After that, you should definitely turn the number plates again and adjust them with them. Otherwise, strangers can open your lock without difficulty.

There are different brands of combination locks

If you are interested in a new number padlock, you can choose between numerous manufacturers. Renowned providers include:


Castle Guard







The key questions about combination number locks

Is there a combination lock test from test or Stiftung Warentest?

So far, neither Stiftung Warentest nor test has carried out a specific comparison to number padlocks. If you still want to find out about recommended models, you can find numerous tips and suggestions on the Internet. For example,plaining for a german shepherd there are forums where other buyers discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of locks.

What to do if I forget the combination of numbers?

If you have omitted the code for your combination lock, there is no reason to worry at first. Most models have an additional security key. With this, you can unlock the lock and select a new digit code. If your model does not have a key, you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

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