How Cloud Phone System can improve the efficiency of GP surgeries?

The pressure on GP surgeries in the UK remains high even as the pandemic nears its end. Many practices across the country are still struggling with outdated telephone systems. They simply cannot handle the weight of increased patient demand because they lack the capacity and features of modern solutions.

Since Covid-19, GP surgeries have seen the regular challenges they involve heightening, alongside a few completely unused challenges pushed upon them. The phone framework has ended up the spine of GP surgeries. Having a phone framework that meets both the requirements of patients and staff is so imperative.

Benefits of Cloud Phone System

  • Business Continuity

 In the event of an unforeseen issue, cloud-based telephony solutions can ensure business continuity as they allow the surgery to continue to provide critical services. Other smaller occurrences, such as the pandemic, can occur from time to time, like snow disruptions or power outages.

Cloud telephony systems enable doctors, nurses and receptionists to work from home just like they would in the surgery, using an app that turns their mobiles and laptops into office phones. With no disruption to the patient experience, patients can receive, make & transfer calls using their office extension/number, without using their mobile plan minutes.

  • Greater Control

GP surgeries are active by nature, but with numerous specialists presently doing triage over the phone and booking Covid immunizations, lines have never been busier. Amid these active times, instead of losing any calls and having despondent patients, you’ll set up call lines, permitting patients to hold up in a line until somebody gets to be accessible.

There’s moreover the adaptability to set rules on this, as certain calls inside a surgery seem to require critical consideration, rules can prioritize calls to guarantee patients are not cleared out holding up for long periods of time, especially in a crisis circumstance.

  • Business intelligence

Modern factual investigation of inbound/ outbound calls can offer assistance to distinguish the busiest periods supporting arranging the planning of staff. This empowers Hone Directors to recognize patterns and decide when the additional asset is required with information to back them up. This gives the key data required to degree and survey call taking care of execution to progress the persistent involvement.

  • Supporting CQC Standards

A cloud communication arrangement permits you to keep the persistent educated all through the call, getting them associated rapidly and proficiently makes a difference guarantee patients have an extraordinary client encounter. Highlights such as auto specialist welcomes the caller, for illustration, with a message saying that their call will be replied and guarantees they are not cleared out tuning in to a ringtone.

It makes a difference by cutting down the sum of time patients spend holding up in lines. Straightforward enquiries such as opening hours and other data included in this message can evacuate the requirement for a quiet talk to an administrator.

  • Increase productivity and cost saving

Gathering staff are given more time much appreciated to shrewdly call directing, calls are sent to the right expansion, whereas versatile specialists can utilize their office phone number on any gadget to get calls no matter where they are.

Being able to have an arrangement over the phone not as it were, liberates up physical arrangements but implies that patients are able to be seen in a timelier way. Using a cloud communication arrangement to create these calls might spare GP surgeries a critical sum of cash due to the active call costs over a conventional phone framework.

Here are some of the ways Cloud Phone System can support GP Surgeries

  • Increase call capacity
  • Automated attendant
  • Add call queuing
  • Patient management system integration

Increase call capacity

In case a specialist is making an active call to a persistent, there’s one less line that can be utilized for approaching calls. In case as well numerous lines are being utilized for approaching calls, home staff may not be able to call out.

Automated attendant

Expanding call capacity could be a great beginning to driving down complaints from patients who get through. A computerized order could be another step where each call is replied with a welcome message some time recently advertising a persistent list of alternatives.

Add call queuing

The call queueing solutions can let patients know where they are in the queue, and can also provide them with helpful information about why they may have called up in the first place.

Patient management system integration

When a patient management system is integrated with a phone system, information about the patient appears as soon as the call is answered. Reduced complaints and shorter queues of unanswered calls are two advantages of faster calls.

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