Classic and Trendy: Top 100 Muslim Names for Boys


A lot of time is frequently spent by expecting parents setting up the nursery, reading pregnancy guides, and attending delivery classes. Surprisingly, though, a lot of parents choose their child’s name fast, frequently devoting more time to choosing the ideal stroller or car seat. Since their name is the first present you will offer your baby, it is crucial to choose wisely and come up with the ideal name—even though this can be a difficult task. So in this blog, we will share classic and trendy names for your baby boy. These names are the top 100 Muslim boy names. From these names, you can choose the one you like the most.

Things To Be Considered While Choosing The Name

  1. In Islam, it is Suunah of Prophet PBUH to name the baby on the 7th day of his or her birth. So it is recommended to start thinking of the name before the baby’s birth. So that you can have the blessing to implement the sunnah.
  2. Actually, the meaning is all that matters the most. You can go through these top 100 Muslim Boy Names. But choose the one whose meaning attracts you more.
  3. The name has a significant impact on the baby’s personality when he grows up. So you should consider a good name that is unique and perfect. 

Top 100 Muslim Names for Boys

Here is the list of the top 100 Muslim names for boys. From these names, you can choose your favorite one. The real and authentic meanings of the names are also given. So now you have unlimited options of beautiful Muslim boy names, the choice is yours. 

  1. Name: Abdul-‘Alim 

Meaning: Servant of the All-Knowing

  1. Name: Abdul-‘Alee 

Meaning: Servant of the Most High  

  1. Name: Abdul Azim 

Meaning: Servant of the Greatest

  1. Name: Abdul-Aziz 

Meaning: Servant of the Mighty

  1. Name: Abdul-Bari 

Meaning: Servant of the Maker

  1. Name: Abdul-Basit

Meaning: Servant of the Extender 

  1. Name: Abdul-Fattah

Meaning: Servant of the Judge 

Meaning: Servant of The One Who Protects 

  1. Abdullah

Meaning: Servant of Allah. 

  1. Name: Abdul-Shakour

Meaning: Servant of the Most Thankful. 

  1.  Name: Abdul-Tawwab 

Meaning: Servant of the One who accepts repentance. 

  1. Name:  Abdul-Wadoud 

Meaning: Servant of the Loving. 

  1. Name: Abdul-Wahid 

Meaning: Servant of the One.

  1. Name: Abdul-Wahab 

Meaning: Servant of the Giver. 

  1. Aafan 

Meaning: To Forgive  

  1. Name: Aakib

Meaning: God Gift  

  1. Name: Aakif

Meaning: Attached; Intent  

  1. Name: Aalam 

Meaning: The universe; The whole world  

  1. Name: Aalee

Meaning: Sublime; Lofty; High; Tall  

  1. Name: Aali

Meaning: Sublime; Lofty; High; Tall; Excellent; Noble  

  1. Name: Aalim

Meaning: A knowledgeable person; Wise; Scholarly; Omniscient; Learned; Religious 

  1. Name: Aamil

Meaning: Invaluable; Inaccessible; Exalted; Doer  

  1. Name: Aamir

Meaning: Ruler; Prince; Rich; Prosperous

  1. Name: Baari

Meaning: One of the names of God; Free from hell

  1. Name: Baariq

Meaning: Shining; Lighting; Illuminating; Glitter; Flash; Luster; Bright

  1. Name: Baashir

Meaning: Seeing; Wise; Bringer of good news

  1. Name: Baasim 

Meaning: Smiling; Happy

  1. Name: Baasir

Meaning: Seeing; Wise; Bringer of good news

  1. Name: Baber

Meaning: Courageous; Lion

  1. Name: Babik

Meaning: Law; A king’s name

  1. Name: Babil

Meaning: Babylon

  1. Name: Babrak

Meaning: Little Basilica flower

  1. Name: Badeeh 

Meaning: Wondrous

  1. Name: Badi

Meaning: Distinct; Evident; Plain; Wonderful; Marvelous; Unique

  1. Name: Badran 

Meaning: The most beautiful

  1. Name: Baha

Meaning: Beautiful; Magnificent; Shining

  1. Name: Bahat

Meaning: Beauty

  1. Name: Baheen

Meaning: Exalted; Great; Noble

  1. Fadil 

Meaning: Virtuous. 

  1. Name:  Fadhil 

Meaning: Virtuous.

  1. Name: Fadl-Ullah 

Meaning: The excellence of God 

  1. Name: Faheem 

Meaning: Intelligent; Learned.

  1. Name: Fareed 

Meaning: Unique 

  1. Name: Faisal 

Meaning: Decisive; impartial judge.

  1. Name: Faris 

Meaning: Horseman, Knight 

  1. Fakhri 

Meaning: Honorary

  1. Fawwaz 

Meaning: Successful. 

  1. Farooq 

Meaning: Who distinguishes truth from the falsehood

  1. Name: Farhan 

Meaning: Joyful; Glad. 

  1. Name: Fidaa

Meaning: Redemption, Sacrifice

  1. Fudhail

Meaning:  Diminutive of Fadl. 

  1. Name: Fuad 

Meaning: Heart

  1.  Name: Furqan 

Meaning: A criterion to distinguish truth from falsehood. 

  1. Name: Ghalib

Meaning:  Victor

  1. Name: Ghassan 

Meaning: Old Arabic name. 

  1. Name: Ghazi 

Meaning: Conqueror

  1. Name: Haamid 

Meaning: Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable

  1. Name: Haani 

Meaning: Happy; Delighted; Content; Pleasant

  1. Name: Harris 

Meaning: Ploughman; Cultivator; Friend

  1. Name: Haatim 

Meaning: Judge

  1. Name: Haaziq 

Meaning: Intelligent; Skillful

  1. Name: Habab 

Meaning: Aim; Goal; End

  1.  Ihsan 

Meaning: Beneficence

  1.  Name: Imran 

Meaning: Population; Civilisation; Name of father of Maryam.

  1. Name: Imad 

Meaning: Support, Pillar

  1. Name: Irfan

Meaning:  Knowledge; Gratitude. 

  1. Name:  Imad-Uddin

Meaning:  The pillar of the Faith

  1. Name:  Isam 

Meaning: Safeguard 

  1. Name: Ishaq 

Meaning: A Prophet’s name.

  1. Name: Ismail 

Meaning: A Prophet’s name.

  1. Name: Majid 

Meaning: Increase; Excess

  1. Name: Makeen

Meaning: Strong; Firm

  1. Name: Makin 

Meaning: Strong; Firm  

  1. Name: Makki

Meaning: About Mecca  

  1. Name: Makram  

Meaning: Generous; Noble  

  1. Name: Malang

Meaning: Mystic 

  1. Name: Maleek

Meaning: Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling  

  1. Name: Malih

Meaning: Handsome 

  1. Name: Malik 

Meaning: Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling.  

  1. Name: Mallik 

Meaning: Mallik means excellent

  1. Name: Maluf 

Meaning: Familiar; Popular

  1.  Name: Salih 

Meaning: Good, Righteous 

  1. Name: Saleem 

Meaning: Safe; Gurded. 

  1. Name: Salman 

Meaning: Safe. 

  1. Name: Samir 

Meaning: Entertaining companion 

  1. Name: Saif-Uddin 

Meaning: Sword of the faith. 

  1. Name: Saud

Meaning:  Good luck 

  1. Name:  Tahir 

Meaning: Chaste, Modest 

  1. Name: Talal

Meaning:  Nice, Admirable

  1. Name: Talha

Meaning:  Kind of tree 

  1. Name: Tamir 

Meaning: One who knows the dates 

  1. Name: Waa’il

Meaning:  Coming back (for shelter) 

  1. Name: Wadee’ 

Meaning: Calm, Peaceful 

  1. Name: Wafeeq 

Meaning: Successful 

  1. Name: Wajeeh 

Meaning: Noble 

  1. Name: Wahhaj 

Meaning: Shining. 

  1. Name: Waleed 

Meaning: Newborn child 

  1. Name: Waliyullah 

Meaning: Supporter of God 

  1. Name: Waliyuddin 

Meaning: Supporter of the Faith 

  1. Name:  Waseem 

Meaning: Good looking; Handsome. 

  1. Name: Waqar 

Meaning: Dignity. 


In conclusion, naming a baby is one of the most important things in a parent’s life. Parents are so excited to name their baby. Then they will choose for their baby will become his recognition for life. They ponder upon this for a long time. The whole family also has suggestions. Sometimes grandparents or uncles and aunts also name the baby. Actually what matters most is that the name should be a beautiful name with a good meaning. In this blog, we have shared the top 100 Muslim boy names. So that it gets easy for you to have 100 authentic names with good meanings on one platform.

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