Casual Footwear for Women in Dubai

Footwear or shoes are considered worn feet which helps in protection against environmental adversities such as dirt on the ground, slippery ground, and temperature. Footwear is also used as a safety precaution (protection from injuries). According to research first earliest evidence of footwear came from Spain. It is in the form of sandals made from woven grass or animal hides. There are different civilization that uses different manufactured materials to make comfortable shoes. In ancient Egypt, people used to make sandals or shoes from leather or papyrus. In the Roman Empire footwear became a status symbol, a person was considered rich if he or she had good-quality footwear. As advancements in footwear are carried, different styles and shapes are invented in footwear for both men and women with Trendyol promotional code.

In the 18th and 19th centuries during industrial revolution brought significant advancement in footwear production. Due to the invention of the swing machine, mass production has been done by companies. In recent eras, footwear has become increasingly diverse and influenced by social trends and fashion. The 20th century saw an increase in athletic footwear, driven by increasing participation in sports and physical activities. Different styles and shapes are now available like sneakers, heels, boots, and sandals with different design colors are now commercially available. There are some casual footwear for women which are mentioned below:

1- Anatomical Women Footwear

Anatomical footwear has a shorter heel size of around 1-4cm where whereas its heel type is considered flat. It has no laces which is a great advantage. The material used in making it is faux leather (faux leather is considered synthetic leather, a petroleum-based alternative to genuine leather). Anatomical footwear is handmade it has no machining touch. These shoes are highly recommended for individuals with foot conditions such as bunions, and plantar or foot pain. Although it can also be worn for casual and fashion events. Sometimes these are recommended by a doctor for alignment of the foot.

2- Fl7mıclea Women’s Shoes

Fl7mıclea word derived from the word athletes, it is suitable for various types of sports and physical activities. These sports are specially designed for athletes to provide comfort, support, and durability. They can also be used in casual events. Its heel size is around 2-5cm whereas its heel type considers flat. They are made from prime-grade polymer with short laces. Different shapes and sizes are available in this type. They are made by sewing machines so that during highly intense physical training it does not erupt. They are also recommended for short-held girls to look taller and get confidence. Moreover, its origin is from the UK as there are some sports brands which highly invest in it.

3- HS Skin Boots

Skin boots are a type of footwear which are made from the skin of animals, typically leather. It is premium quality boots and relatively expensive when compared to different boots. Cost depends upon the skin of the animal used in the manufacturing of boots. Animals like cowhide, sheepskin, and reptile skin. it is also divided into two types; Short-length length boots generally have lengths up to 5cm from the ankle where whereas long-length boots are up to 10cm from the ankle. Skin boots can be worn for both casual and formal occasions depending on the design and texture. They are made by machining skin while high-quality polymers are also used as binders so that they can uphold high stresses. They can also be used for traveling, hiking, and mining. Working industries also used the same process and materials for their work. 

4- Women’s Ballet Flats

The ballet flat is a type of show that is made from a soft and flexible material such as leather, canvas, or synthetic material. They have been known for short heels and narrow soles which provide comfortability to women during walking. These shoes by ballet dancers which later on were brought to fashionable industries. Different colors and shapes are available like almond shapes, cone shapes, and edge shapes. Sometimes they are made by machine and sometimes they are handmade depending on the severity of the shape. Relatively they are cheaper as compared to other footwear due to their easy manufacturing process and inexpensive material.

5- PU Stylish Slippers

PU stands for polyurethane; People commonly use it to make slippers. Slippers are considered daily used footwear in the world, due to which it has a high demand niche right now. Different sizes and shapes are available in it. They are commonly used for relaxation and leisure activities at is mostly flat, soft, and easily available footwear in the market. It include different designs including slip-ons, closed-back moccasins, and boot-like styles. They are handmade depending on the severity of the shape. Relatively they are cheaper as compared to other footwear. It can be worn casually but is not recommended for special events.

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