Bwi Airport Transportation

Bwi Airport Transportation

The Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) offers several transportation options to and from the airport. These include taxis, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, bus service provided by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), shuttles that serve area hotels, and car rental agencies. BWI also has a light rail line connecting it to downtown Baltimore and other nearby destinations.

The airport is also served by Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor train line with connections to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and many other cities along the East Coast of the United States.BWI Airport is conveniently located near several transportation options that make it easy to get to and from the airport. These include public transportation such as buses, light rail, shuttles and taxis; car rental services; and ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. No matter your budget or travel needs, there’s an option for you at BWI Airport!

Does Bwi Have an Airport Shuttle?

Yes, BWI Airport offers a convenient and affordable shuttle service for passengers. The airport’s BWI Express bus connects to all major transportation hubs in the Baltimore-Washington area including MARC Train stations, Amtrak stations, Metro station and other regional points. The BWI Express operates seven days a week with multiple stops at each destination.

Passengers can purchase tickets directly from the driver or online at All shuttles feature spacious seating areas and luggage storage areas so passengers can travel comfortably while protecting their belongings during their travels.

How Much is the Shuttle to Bwi?

The cost of the shuttle to bwi car service Airport depends on your location and how many people are in the group. Generally, a one-way fare starts at $20 per person for two or more passengers, and can increase depending on the distance traveled. For example, an individual traveling from Washington DC to BWI will pay around $45 one way.

If you’re traveling as a group of four or more people, each passenger’s fare may be discounted by up to 30%. Some shuttles offer flat rates for groups of five or more travelers that can range from $80-$150 total depending on their origin points. Additionally, certain shuttles provide discounts for senior citizens and military personnel.

Can Uber Pick Me Up from Bwi Airport?

Yes, Uber can pick you up from BWI airport. All you need to do is request a ride with the app and your driver will meet you at one of three designated pickup locations: Daily Garage A (Level 1), Daily Garage B (Level 1) or Hourly Garage C (Level 2). Please note that there is an additional fee for trips to/from BWI Airport, so make sure to check the fare in advance.

Additionally, please allow extra time for traffic delays as well as any associated wait times when requesting a ride at the airport.

How Much is Uber from Bwi to Dc?

The cost of an Uber ride from BWI Airport to Washington, DC will depend on the type of car you choose, as well as current demand and traffic conditions. Generally speaking, estimates typically range from $50-$70 for a regular UberX trip or $90-$110 for an UberXL service. These prices are subject to change depending on your specific route and other factors such as surge pricing during peak times.

To get the most accurate estimate for your specific journey, it is best to plug in your pickup location and destination into the app before booking.

Cheap Ride to Bwi Airport

If you need to get to BWI Airport but don’t want to pay for parking or the high cost of a taxi, there are plenty of cheap ride options available. You can take public transportation such as the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) bus from downtown Baltimore or various other locations around the city; carpool with friends or family members who may be heading in that direction; use a rideshare service like Lyft, Uber, or Via; rent a bike and pedal your way there; call an airport shuttle van service which offers discounts on roundtrip fares if you book ahead of time; or even hitchhike! No matter your budget and travel needs, it is possible to find an affordable way to get yourself to BWI Airport.


BWI Airport Transportation offers a wide range of transportation options to meet the needs of travelers from all walks of life. From taxis, shuttles and buses to limousines, car services and even bike rentals, BWI has everything you need for a stress-free journey. With its convenient location near downtown Baltimore, quick access to major highways and plenty of parking options available at the airport itself, it’s no wonder why so many people choose BWI as their preferred choice in travel.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to get around town or are just passing through on your way out of town, bwi transportation will make sure you arrive safely and on time every time.

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