Why We Use Free Agent as Your Bookkeeping Software?

A long time has passed since businesses completed accounting with a pencil or Excel spreadsheets. Cloud-based accounting software has revolutionized the way contractors manage their accounting. Providing the smoothest accounting experience possible which reduces the risk of errors and stopping the need to spend time preparing the books.

With the emergence of new rules like Making Tax Digital, cloud-based accounting software. Isn’t only a tool to make your life simpler. But also mandatory. Learn more details on this game-changing law through our blog post “Making tax digital: What Is It and What Should You be aware of?”

At Account Ease we offer bookkeeping services in UK and  Free-Agent bookkeeping software in the course of our accounting system. That you’ll be able to use fully when you select us as your accounting partner. Why did we select Free-Agent and what makes it unlike other financial programs? In addition, how do you get the most benefit?

What is it? Free-Agent bookkeeping Software?

This software for accounting online is a trusted tool for more than 60,000 freelancers, contractors and SMEs for a the right reasons.

It is a cloud-based solution. Free-Agent allows you to effortlessly handle your accounts for business from any location. And guarantees that your personal information is secure at all times. Its creators launched it in 2007, developing the software themselves. Realized that small-scale businesses and contractors had a difficult time in managing finances. They wanted to assist entrepreneurs grow their businesses without the hassle of accounting for their business. Free-Agent became popular quickly.  

Through the years Free-Agent’s software for bookkeeping has been awarded numerous awards from industry awards. Ranging from Top Accounting Software Provider in 2018 to the award for Best B2B Technology Service 2018. This is not only proof that Free-Agent is an efficient and accurate software for accounting. It will provide you with assurance in the knowledge that all your personal financial data and your accounts are in good in the hands of a professional

Free-Agent also enables you to operate a hands-free accounting system. This means that you have to upload your bank statements in addition to receipts. Invoices, and receipts fees to the software program. And it does the relaxation for you. The software will routinely update your enterprise debts, without having to figure them out your self.

How can you benefit by Free-Agent Bookkeeping Software?

If you’re a contractor, keeping your financials using spreadsheets isn’t practical after when the government introduced Making Tax Digital. No matter if you’re starting from scratch or have a long time with experience, it’s crucial that you choose an accounting software. That is reliable and can help you manage your company.

One of the major benefits of the software. And it is also a major reason why people prefer Free-Agent is you can manage your business from any place and from wherever you are. This includes sending an invoice to a customer or monitoring your financials. There is no need to be tied to a particular location; Free-Agent works on any device. So, just take your tablet, laptop or smartphone and look up your business’s reports or make payroll from anywhere such as.

Free-Agent also lets you do an accounting system that is hands-free. This means that you have to upload your bank statements as well as receipts, invoices, and receipts expenses to the software and it does the rest for you. The software will automatically update your business accounts, without having to figure them out yourself. It also provides automated bank feeds. That upload bank transactions daily and allows you to reconcile and categorize your transactions in just one click.

The time-saving benefits of Bookkeeping make this service an excellent option for busy entrepreneurs. You can create personalized invoices and also make the payment automatically tracked. Simple and easy. This allows the time of your accountant to provide personalized tax advice and an individual service. Additionally, you won’t have to bother providing us with your financial details as we’ll also be able to access the information via Free-Agent. At Account Ease, we’ll be able to login to review your data, and give you relevant and current advice.

Invoicing can be speeded up by features like the capability to add things that are not billed to an invoice. And the ability to quickly convert an estimate to an invoice. You also have the capacity to schedule regular reminders of payments and the possibility of integrating a PayPal integration. That allows you to receive your money more quickly, and even the option to send automated thank-you notes after the payment.

And you can also keep track of the amount of time you spend on the project, and automatically download bank transactions. And also check your account while traveling. You are able to track mileage and review the terms of your contract, something that is particularly essential for contractors.

The 24/7 real-time overview that Free-Agent gives is an invaluable benefit to any freelancer. And no matter if you’re just beginning your career or you’ve got years of experience. Whatever device you’re using, can always have a live overview of your company’s finances particularly since this bookkeeping software works with more than 4,000 banking feeds.

Free-Agent is very easy to use. All you need is an internet connection, you can access your account no matter what time of day or where you are, and even what device you are currently using. You don’t need the ability to install, download, or install anything. This will eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets to store your data. Creating parameters for your Free-Agent account is simple. To set an appointment date, enter your business information, select a currency, choose a time frame, link the associated bank account, and enter tax payment information

This cloud-based tool will help you increase your company’s efficiency by using just a few buttons. In reality according to Free-Agent it has helped users witness an increase of 83% in their data. It’s easy and quick to describe transactions, generate dividends, and create reports. Additionally, you can benefit from features like free training as well as onboarding and marketing assistance in addition to the ability to advertise your business to potential customers (and even move existing customers to the platform online).

It’s never been simpler. Free-Agent lets you make new bills and expenses. You can also attach pictures of receipts when you’re in need of it. Since this accounting software was designed to simplify all aspects of the business. You run, it will benefit of a grouping feature because your expenses can be grouped in accordance with the currencies.

Free-Agent also offers a variety of other benefits that are just too numerous to mention in all their glory However, they do include:

  • The creation of professional-looking documents like invoices
  • Producing as many timesheets as you need
  • Sending your VAT return directly to HMRC
  • Logging into your account via your mobile
  • Estimating your corporation tax as you go along
  • Tracking your dividends throughout the your tax year as the proprietor of an LLC
  • Making profit and loss reports can help you keep track of the incomings and outgoings
  • Keep track of your entire day with an integrated stopwatch
  • Filing and filling out your self-assessment tax return directly with HMRC
  • A bird’s-eye look at your income expenditures, profit and income
  • Watching your cash flow in an eye
  • Being aware of exactly when tax bill is due
  • The ability to accept electronic statements in a variety of formats like OFX, QIF and many CSV ones.
  • Limiting the number of transactions that you can handle
  • The ability to use simultaneously on Mac as well as PC

Are you worried about security?

As accountants for contractors we know that you may be concerned about storing all your financial information for your business on the internet. But, since Free-Agent has a cloud-based program that is cloud-based, you do not have concerns about security of your information.  Instead the bookkeeping software will allow you to relax as you concentrate on expanding your business.

Your information is safely transferred to Free-Agent backup servers a few times per hour. This means that even if your system crashes such as a computer crash there’s no need to fret about losing crucial data. When it comes down to the details, Free-Agent encrypts all transactions by using the 256-bit SSL technology. Which ensures that your personal and financial data are protected by several levels of protection.

The servers on which your data are stored are situated in the safest data centers across the nation, with 24/7 security. Security personnel as well as HD CCTV images. Only a select few authorized people are permitted in the centers and must be able to provide two forms of verification. In order to gain access. The data centers of Free-Agent can be ISO 27001 certified, further evidence that the company takes your security seriously.

You can also decide who is able to see what without cost, as everything is part of one package. Making it possible for your accountant to look over your financial data for instance. It is a matter of a few minutes. Your privacy is safe in the hands of Free-Agent as well. Free-Agent does not rent, sell or divulge information to other third parties. Unless are absolutely essential to the efficient operation of your account.

You are the sole owner of your personal information, which means that you can export all your Free-Agent data at any point.

Account Easy and Free-Agent

As we have noted in advance, you’re able to without problems permit us get right of entry to to the Free-Agent records in case you want. In this way, we are able to be able to make use of your statistics to provide you the satisfactory accounting offerings feasible. And also you do not need to submit a big quantity of financial files. As an example, receipts and invoices since we’re going to have get entry to to all the records you enter for the duration of the course of your year.

At Account Ease we intention to make your work easier via making your existence simpler. And our bookkeeping software program is an awesome approach to do that.  Easy to use and simple and also secure, you’ll have the ability to update your account quickly or even send vital details to HMRC. And put your finances out of thoughts so that you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. Rather than worrying about it.

All this, coupled together with the reality that Free-Agent was voted as the best accounting software for small-scale businesses. That gives us – as well as you – the reassurance that you’re receiving only the top. You can also be sure that you’re using the most advanced technology available; With Making Tax Digital here. It is imperative to ensure that you are complying with the latest regulations with utmost precision. Because Free-Agent boasts a remarkably high 99.99 percent uptime rating. So you’re assured that it will be available when you require it.

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