Best Foods to Combine With Kratom

Best Foods to Combine with Kratom

Innumerable people take kratom on an empty stomach and claim this to be the best thing to do. According to them, kratom’s effects are best enjoyed in this manner. However, there is another breed of lovers of kratom in Montana who enjoy this herb with food; and they seem to get the benefits too.

Besides, there are people who cannot take kratom on an empty stomach, as it irritates their stomach. For them, combining the herb with certain foods can be a great option.

Do you know that mixing kratom with certain foods, especially the Red Borneo strain (as told by users), can increase its effectiveness? These foods act as potentiators.

You may have heard of grapefruit juice and coffee being terrific potentiators of this Southeast Asian herb, but there are more. You need not limit yourself to just these two. Explore the food world and let your tastebuds go on an interesting trip with the flavors.

Fatty foods with kratom

If you wish to extract the maximum from your kratom powder, then combine it with fatty food recipes that use butter, gravy, and so on. Many users swear by their kratom pancakes. Many others sprinkle powdered kratom over their egg sandwich or veggie cheese sandwich.

Contrary to the common belief, these people experienced the wonderful effects of kratom with a heavy meal. They enjoyed the herb without irritating their stomach.

However, if you are on a weight-loss diet, you may not want to try this option. Choose to combine kratom with grapefruit or any other citrus juice instead. Or you can have it with coffee to double the effects.

Juices and milk with kratom

As mentioned above, citrus juices make great pair with kratom. According to many users, milk is a great food to combine with kratom.

Users report mixing Red Bali Kratom Powder in milk just before bedtime to completely relax their bodies and mind and to lull themselves into a deep sleep. It works wonders.

Chocolate and kratom

Dark chocolate is a kratom potentiator. Why not add some powdered white kratom to your chocolate cake or cookie batter? You will have some yummy energizing cake or cookies to munch on during the day.

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Yogurt and fruits with kratom

You can easily sprinkle some kratom on your yogurt. Love fruit salad? Sprinkle some powder over the salad, especially pineapple, citrus, grapefruits, and more.

Dose caution:

Experts suggest being careful with the dose while mixing kratom with food. Stick to the dose that you take. Just because you are mixing the herb with food does not mean you add it in huge amounts. If you wish, increase the dose to just 0.5 or a maximum of 1 gram.

Increase the dose only when you are preparing the food recipe for more people. If it’s just for you, use the same dose that you take while consuming the herb alone.

Whether you wish to use kratom for mood or sleep, or simply recreation, try this wonderful herb with food and see how beautifully it affects your body and mind.

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