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Baby swimming – water fun even for the little ones

Have you ever considered taking a baby swimming course with your baby? But you may still be unsure whether mother-child swimming is healthy at all and from what age baby swimming is an option. We answer the most common questions about swimming with a baby and provide many valuable tips.

Babies and water: This is how contact with the wet element works.

From the time before birth, hello kitty baby swing the baby already knows a pleasant feeling: In the body-warm amniotic fluid, he feels safe and secure. Often, as a parent, when bathing your baby, you realize how much your child enjoys the warm water in the baby bath. Until you can swim with the baby, however, you will have to wait a little longer. Pediatricians advise that the child must be able to hold the head safely alone in any case.

From about three months, you can gradually plan swimming with the baby. By the way: Although the swimming pool visit with the offspring is known as “baby swimming”, it is not swimming in the true sense. Your baby will not learn swimming movements or be able to stay alone in the water. Rather, the purpose is this: when you swim with the baby, the child’s senses are addressed.

Baby swimming is healthy!

For physical development, mother-child swimming has positive effects. The skeleton and spine are strengthened. Several studies show that swimming babies stretch the spine after just six months, while this process otherwise lasts until the 12th month of life. The mobility of the head and neck also benefits. In addition, swimming with a baby is favorable for the development of the respiratory organs. Last but not least, contact with the water ensures that the child is curious and fearless with the wet element.

Parents learn how to keep the baby safe. When you swim with the baby, the swimming coach will show you the baby’s safe and reliable grips. The prone position and supine position should alternate. Whether the baby is allowed to dive, there are different opinions. It is certainly not dangerous if the baby is held well and you only dive the baby for a very short time.

However, this method should not be used specifically and intentionally. When swimming with a baby, the fun should be in the foreground. For this reason, it is also advisable for a swimming coach to accompany and support the baby and parents. Follow the tips on how the swimming coach will guide and support baby and mother in holding.

The baby swim should not last longer than a maximum of half an hour, the first times a period of 15 minutes is often sufficient. If you notice that your child is no longer feeling well, it is better to stop swimming with baby. This can also happen when you dive the baby – as soon as you feel that your child no longer agrees with baby swimming, stop swimming with baby. At the next appointment, it will certainly work better again!

Before baby swimming

Can I swim with my child for a baby swim? Trust in your feelings! As a mother and father, you know your child very well. A good preparation: Splash together with the child in the large bathtub, so the child quickly gets used to the water and to the close physical contact. Your pediatrician will be happy to answer the question of whether your child is suitable for swimming with the baby. He is also a competent contact person when it comes to the question of “baby diving”.

Before the baby swims, the following always applies: The baby must be completely healthy. Avoid individual appointments in the swimming pool if your child has a cold, has a rash, or shows other symptoms of illness. In addition, it makes sense if the child is well-rested and full. Whining babies, for example, when the first teeth come, can relax well in the warm water during baby swimming.

The water should be pleasantly warm.weight limit for baby swimming, a separate, quiet area in the indoor pool is ideally suited. Also, pay attention to the air temperature in the swimming pool. So that no mishap happens, put swimming diapers on the child. Modern swimming diapers protect during mother-child swimming. The water of the pool remains outside the diaper contents inside. Swim diapers come in several sizes and in pretty designs.

After baby swimming

After swimming with the baby, the child is usually very relaxed and tired, but also hungry or thirsty. Take a bottle with you to baby swim when you are no longer breastfeeding. It is also important to have a large towel or bathrobe so that the baby can be quickly dried and wrapped warm after the mother-child swim.

At a glance:

  1. Baby swimming is suitable for babies from three months of age.
  2. The swimming coach Baby provides assistance.
  3. Baby swimming is healthy. Baby diving is harmless, but not necessary.
  4. Swim diapers are the right clothing for baby swimming.
  5. Swimming with baby, please only with healthy children!

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