Arlo Camera Keeps Disconnecting from Base Station?

Are you facing a connectivity issue between your Arlo security camera and the base station? If yes, then this post might be of some help to you. This article will comprise a few techniques using which you can easily fix the Arlo camera keeps disconnecting from Base Station. But, before we start addressing the problem, we would like to let you know that Arlo secure login might be required during the process. Therefore, have access to a web browser or the latest version of the Arlo secure application. Keep reading.

Why Arlo Camera Keeps Disconnecting?

The connectivity issue with your Arlo security camera might have arisen due to a number of reasons out of which the distance from the main router or Base Station matters a lot. Therefore, pay attention to the same first.

This must be known to you that the Arlo security camera is able to join the WiFi network offering the 2.4GHz. Therefore, first of all, be very sure that you have connected the camera to the same band of the Base Station or the router. Apart from this, the distance between both devices matters a lot. This is because the distance decides the performance criteria of the camera. If the distance is less, the connection will become more stable. On the other hand, if the distance is kept more than expected you are more likely to get blurred videos and images. Most importantly, the connectivity issue between your security camera and the Base Station is likely to show up in such a situation.

Thus, keeping the optimal distance between both devices is recommended. If you want to know more about the distance parameters, the Arlo product manual will come to your aid. Just in case it fails to help you address the issue, you can try your hands on the techniques discussed in the next section.

Arlo Camera Keeps Disconnecting from Base Station [Solved]

Ensure Stable Power to Arlo Camera

Every time your Arlo security camera gets connected to the router or Base Station, it gets a new IP address. Chances are that your camera is not charged or is not getting a stable power supply due to which it is getting disconnected frequently. In this case, the IP-related issue can also show up. Above all, your security camera is likely to get affected by a reboot loop.

To prevent all this, it is recommended that you charge your security camera battery by taking them out of the case. If your Arlo camera runs on direct power, connect it to a working power socket. In this manner, your camera will avoid reboot loop and connectivity problems simultaneously.

Upgrade Arlo Camera Firmware

There is a possibility that the firmware of your security camera has become outdated due to which it is getting disconnected from the Base Station on a frequent basis. Thus, you are suggested to get the camera updated as soon as possible. You can do so via the Arlo app or via the web-based management panel.

No matter which path you choose to update your security camera, make sure that you do not interrupt the process. If you do so, the firmware update process is likely to affect the hardware of your camera. Apart from this, while updating the camera’s firmware via the web-based management panel, be sure that you are uploading the correct firmware file. Uploading the wrong firmware file can affect the security system. In addition to that, ensure that the platform chosen (web browser or app) for updating the firmware flaunts an updated version.

You can easily download Arlo app from Google Play Store or App Store.

To Sum Up

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the Arlo security camera keeps disconnecting from Base Station issue generally arises when the camera is placed far away. Apart from this, improper power and outdated firmware can also cause the problem. As you’ve read the hacks in this post, we are anticipating that you will be able to address the issue with ease.

Before bidding adieu, we would like you to ensure that your security camera is not aiming through a glass window or another opaque/translucent surface. You might get blurred videos or image resolution in that case.

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