Apple Can’t Make iPhones Forever – What’s Next?

The iPhone is probably the most influential and best-selling gadget ever created. Millions of people use it as their only computer, camera, GPS device, music player, communicator, trip planner, and payment tool. It puts the world in the pocket. Even smartphones used to copy iPhones. Currently, Apple is the iPhone company as the iPhone business reported a massive 68% of Apple’s total revenue. However, Apple wants to diversify the iPhone because if better technology comes around, their most significant source of income could be at risk.

For this reason, Apple is investing in many technologies at present. One of the prominent technologies that can outperform and replace the iPhone is augmented reality. AR transforms how users work, learn, play, shop, and connect with the world around them. A way that makes visualising the impossible things possible.

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Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo About AR

An Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the company would launch a new AR headset in 2022. He also forecasted that the iPhone would exist for ten more years then AR would replace it. As the business can’t rely that much on one product, Apple has to offer more products to more people to stay on the top in the coming years. However, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the future of Apple is safe with the success of augmented reality and AR headsets.

AR headset will work independently without the iPhone and provide a perfect and flexible user experience. However, the analyst also states that to replace AR with iPhone in 10 years, the company will have to make a significant shift. As a result, the company will replace current active iPhone users with at least one billion AR devices in ten years.

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality

Apple is working on the most ambitious augmented reality and virtual reality projects. In augmented reality, a person wears a device on their face to let them see virtual elements layered on top of the real world. For example, users can see the area around them. Also, they might see floating digital objects in their field of views like apps, games, or notifications. The headset is designed to completely immerse the user in a virtual world in virtual reality. It places a screen so close to users’ eyes that they think they’re into a computer-generated world.

Aspects Of Augmented Reality

AR technology has a wide range of applications as it is not bound to the tiny screen or pocket-sized hardware. For example, it could replace the Apple iPhone once its headsets get smaller, stylish, and offer battery life.

Listed below are some of the aspects of Augmented reality

With an AR headset, users can play 3D games in their living room with lovely visuals and sound effects with the feeling that robots are genuinely flying in the room.

Users can browse the web or watch Netflix from anywhere in the house without a TV or computer.

With augmented reality putting tv on the wall and resizing it becomes possible, and users can watch TV from an immovable point in their house.

It offers interactive real-time communication. Chatting with friends is possible in fun and delightful ways.

It helps visualise 3D projects so users can view, share, and communicate their designs.

It helps capture and record spectacular shots without manually masking objects or people. The LIDAR scanner makes it easy to move the graphics behind the people and things within seconds.

Using IKEA place, it will be easy for users to imagine how the product looks, feels, and fits their home without opening their front door.

Users can preview their item in their personal space and experience it in AR before purchasing it from the website.

With augmented reality, users will be able to experience their favorite smartphone applications wherever they are, with no need to worry about the fragile devices in their pockets. In addition, users will be able to enjoy the features beyond the iPhone.

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